Medical Dental Vision


    Use your Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans

    • Schedule an annual physical each year - it is free!
    • Create an on-line account and view your claims and benefits often
    • Ensure immunizations and periodic tests are current
    • Schedule dental exams and cleanings twice a year
    • Schedule an eye exam each year
    • Use your vision benefit, when available, for new glasses or contact lenses
    • Take advantage of ASBAIT offerings such as flu shots, onsite Mammograms, onsite Biometric testing, and other wellness offerings
    • See the doctor when you are ill
    • After hours medical visits to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room are more expensive


    Benefit Eligibility:

    For Employees Hired/Rehired or becomming benefits eligible after July 1, 2012:
    • Certified employees holding a 75% or greater contract
    • Classified employees who work 30 or more hours per week

    For all benefit eligible employees:



    Effective Dates:

    • Insurance coverage begins the first of the month following employment
    • For changes during Open Enrollment, coverage begins on July 1st
    • For changes due to a Qualifying Event, coverage begins on the date of the event, if the change is made within 31 days of the event
    • Instructions for making changes due to a Qualifying Event/Life Event (marriage, divorce, birth, death, spouse's employment change, spouse's benefits open enrollment, etc.) 

    Termination Dates:

    • Academic year employees who finish the school year, benefits conclude on June 30th
    • Last day of the month in which termination occurs
    • Last day of the month in which a dependent is no longer eligible

    Pre-Existing Conditions: 

    • When enrolling in the ASBAIT medical or dental plan, a Certificate of Credible Coverage (COCC) is required for all participants over age 19
    • If no COCC is provided, claims will not be covered for pre-existing condition claims for up to 1 year


    Amphi Group Plans


    Medical insurance is provided through ASBAIT(Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust). ASBAIT medical and dental plans are self funded, using the BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona provider network. Claims are paid by Meritain.  ASBAIT plan members also have coverage at Take Care Clinics and Minute Clinics. For information on Take Care Clinics click here . For informatino on Minute Clinics click here.  For locations of Take Care Clinics click here .
    • High Deductible Health Plan - for those employees who only want coverage in case something catastrophic happens
    • ASBAIT B25 - a mid level plan with a deductible and co-pays
    • ASBAIT A25 - a high level plan with no deductible and co-pays for most services
    • To view the ASBAIT Plan Document click here
    • To view your claims and benefit schedule click on your plan:  A25, B25, High Deductible Health Plan
    • Click here for an ASBAIT overview; click here for the ASBAIT benefit guide
    • BlueCross BlueShield Provider search - once at the BlueCross BlueShield search area, click on the link below the picture of the card on the right side; select PPO/EPO as the network



    • EDS (Employers Dental Services - an HMO style plan with co-pays for services. Click on the link to view your coverage with EDS
    • EDS Dental Providers
    • ASBAIT Dental Plan - a plan with a deductible for many services, percentage covered, based on service, with a $1,500 annual maximum. The plan allows you to go to any licensed dentist. If you use a dentist that contracts with the BlueCross Blue Shield network, the charges will be discounted. Dental insurance is through ASBAIT(Arizona School Boards Association Insurance Trust). ASBAIT medical and dental plans are self funded, using the BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona provider network. Claims are paid by Meritain Health
    • Click on the link to view your coverage with ASBAIT Dental
    • BlueCross BlueShield Provider search


    • EyeMed Vision Plan - a PPO style plan with co-pays for covered services. Covers frames and lenses every two years. Click on the link to view your coverage with EyeMed.
      EyeMed Provider Search


    • The District contributes up to $268.77 per month for medical and $8.65 per month for dental coverage of your plan choice
    • click here for current medical insurance rates for classified employees or certified with a 80% of higher contract; rates for certified working less than a 70% contracts are on page 2
    • Click here for dental rates
    • Click here for vision rates


    • Federal Law that provides for continuation of benefits coverage
    • Covers medical, dental, vision
    • For more in depth information and regulations, click here

    Effective Date:
    • COBRA is effective the first of the month after your coverage terminated
    • You MUST notify the Benefits Office within 31 days of any qualified event
    • Qualified Events:
    • Birth/adoption, placement for adoption
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Death
    • Loss of other insurance
    • Dependent no longer a full-time student or over age of coverage
    • No longer eligible for benefits
    • Open Enrollment at spouse's employer


    • COBRA provides for the same coverage you had before your benefits ended. You may drop coverage, but may not change or add coverage other than during Open Enrollment. Meritain Health provides COBRA administrative services for Amphi.



    Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

    click here for the Summary Plan Description of our Section 125 Cafeteria Plan



    Click here for your rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    Health Care Reform 

    Do you have questions on health care reform? Do you want to know what changes are coming and when? The US Department of Health and Human Services website has all this information and more. Click here to view their website