Collaborative Action Research (CAR) 2011-2012



Objective: Teacher will lead, and participate in, a collaborative action group exploring a topic based on student needs, individually document the impact of instruction on student achievement, and fulfill a professional growth plan.

Criteria for initial placement

  • At least a 2/5ths contract, minimum 50% of time with students
  • Career Ladder Program Expectations were met at Entry to Collaborative Action Research or Collaborative Action Research level


(Refer to)


Professional Development

  • Participation in CAR Orientation by August 26, 2011
  • Completion of a Collaborative Group Proposal which focuses on school goals
  • Participation in at least one relevant training session
  • Participation in a minimum of four (4) Collaborative Group meetings (2 may be E-Collaboration) documented on the Collaborative Action Group Notes form (Note: Successful groups meet more often.  Documentation for four (4) is all that is required.)
  • Groups shall consist of 4-8 members.  Only half can be CAR level teachers.
  • Maintenance and completion of a teacher portfolio, professionally presented, organized, and aligned to Collaborative Action Research Rubrics
  • Completion of an Individual Professional Growth Plan (see Professional Growth Plan Guide)
  • Adherence to all due dates

September 16, 2011 Collaborative Group Proposal that incorporates general Professional Development Plans for each member and general focus for each member’s Student Achievement Plan (include each member’s signature/designate a contact person for Pay for Performance office, who facilitates meetings, who facilitates E-Collaboration, etc.) Each CAR Teacher submits a copy of the Collaborative Group Proposal to Pay for Performance office and keeps a copy in his/her individual portfolio. Feedback will be provided to the groups as needed.   

December 2, 2011 - First Submittal (peer review)
March 2, 2012 - Peer Review (optional)

May 4, 2012 – Observe Collaborative Group (with memo)

May 24, 2012 – Final Submittal 

                                                                                                                                                                                    Instructional Skills

  • Instruction is modified and adjusted based upon analysis of student data
  • District evaluation (informal and formal) conducted by site administrator

  Collaborative Action Research

  • Collaborative research is current and relevant to student needs
  • Meeting protocols are well-documented and dated
  • Detailed Collaborative Group Notes
  • Bibliography maintained
  • Development of a Student Achievement Plan based on Arizona State Standards/Common Core Standards/School Site Focus
  • Class Data Sheet for entire population with a minimum of three (3) assessments (pre, mid, post)
  • Interventions & Extensions documented
  • Analysis/reflection based on reflection questions
  • Evidence of 21st Century Skill(s) learning in student work

 First semester specifics 

Second semester specifics

 Meeting CAR Program Expectations qualifies a teacher to participate in CAR or a CAR Option the following year.

Not meeting CAR Program Expectations will result in a return to the Traditional Salary Schedule or require the teacher to meet with the Career Ladder Manager prior to September 2, 2011 to create a Professional Growth Plan if choosing to remain in the Career Ladder Program. 

Portfolios, with final evaluations, may be picked up at the Career Ladder office on the first Monday of June, 4, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.