Student Outcomes (SO) 2011-2012




Objective: Teachers will analyze student data to drive instruction and increase student achievement.

 Criteria for initial placement
  1. At least a 2/5ths contract, minimum 50% of time with students
  2. Career Ladder Program Expectations were met at Entry to Student Outcomes Level



Professional Growth

Participation in Student Outcomes Orientation, August 26, 2011 Completion of an Individual Professional Growth Plan (see Professional Growth Plan Guide)

• Participation in one (1) Student Outcomes Module training session

• Participation in three (3) dialogue meetings with Instructional Support Leaders

• Participation in a Collaborative Group led by CAR teachers

Collaborative Group Proposal and meeting notes. For the benefit of students and your professional growth, the expectation is to attend all planned collaborative group meetings.

• Evaluate progress on Teacher Evaluation Rubric for Student Outcomes Mastery

o To meet the standard for Student Outcomes and advance to Entry to Collaborative Action Research the following year, teachers must reach Practitioner or Mastery on the Teacher Evaluation Rubric for Student Outcomes Mastery by Dialogue #3 Meeting.

Maintenance and completion of a teacher portfolio, professionally presented and organized with a Table of Contents

• Adherence to all due dates

Instructional Skills

  1. Instruction is modified and adjusted based upon analysis of student data
  2. Amphitheater Teacher Performance Evaluation System (ATPES) (formal and informal) conducted by Site Administrator

Student Outcomes

  1. Development and implementation of year-long Student Achievement Plan
  2. Class Data Sheet for entire population with a minimum of three (3) assessments (pre, mid, post)
  3. Completion of the Student Data Analysis and Teacher Reflection Forms (3)
  4. Evidence of 21st Century Skill(s) learning in student work

First semester specifics

Second semester specifics

Meeting Student Outcomes Program Expectations at Apprentice on the Teacher Evaluation Rubric requires a teacher to stay at the Student Outcomes Level.

Meeting Student Outcomes Program Expectations at Practitioner or Mastery on the Teacher Evaluation Rubric qualifies a teacher to participate in Entry to Collaborative Action Research-ECAR the following year.

Not meeting Student Outcomes Program Expectations requires a teacher to repeat the level and attend ESO workshops to remain in the Career Ladder