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The NAEP staff work directly with Native American students and their families, as well as the educators and administrators in the Amphitheater district to promote a positive academic environment. The staff is also available  to offer cultural presentations to students and faculty.



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Kimberly Daingkau-Begay

Kimberly is of Kiowa (Tanedooah), Caddo (Kionut), and Pawnee (Chaui) Nations, born and raised in southwest Oklahoma. Kimberly received her BA degree in Political Science, minor in Pre-Law, from Fort Lewis College (FLC) in Durango, Colorado. As a student, she served as a CLRA certified tutor in the Program for Academic Advancement and received professional training in media to assist in the development of the Native American & Indigenous Studies Media Curriculum at FLC. Prior to NAEP, she served on the Title VII Parent Committee for Durango Public Schools, collaborated with the University of Oklahoma and FLC in 2008 for a nation-wide student symposium of American Indian Studies, and has experience in grant writing and financial advising in tribal affairs. Kimberly and her husband, Derwin, have two children and actively participate in traditional ceremonies. She has spoken at several events of her Native culture, including storytelling. In addition to being employed full-time, she is also a graduate student at the University of Arizona.


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Margaret Blaine

Margaret is a member of the Tohono O'Odham (Desert People) Nation and Seri linage and is also a fluent speaker of the Tohono O'Odham language. Prior to NAEP, Margaret was a Teacher Assistant with the Gila River Indian Community for Kindergarten, first, and second grade. She served as the Cultural Specialist for the Preschool program, instructing native language and preserving native culture. Through this capacity, she was instrumental in the grant writing for the Gila River Indian Community's Native Language Preschool curriculum. Margaret attended Pima Community College and Central Arizona College majoring in Early Childhood Education. She currently serves as District Representative for the Schuk Toak District of the Tohono O'Odham Nation.




Staff Calendar


Tuesday, October 6

  • Parent Meetings
    6:00-8:00 pm
    435 E. Glenn Street

      • Johnson O'Malley, 6:00 pm
      • Title VII, 7:00 pm

F A L L   B R E A K
October 12 - 16
No School. Office closed.

Thursday, October 22

  • The Loft Cinema Film Fest
    "Daughter of Dawn" - 5pm
    3233 East Speedway Blvd
    Tucson, Arizona


Saturday, October 24

  • NAEP Family Fall Celebration
    8:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Amphi High School
    125 West Yavapai Road
    Tucson, Arizona

Thursday, October 29