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"Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss."

- Heȟáka Sápa (Black Elk), Oglala Lakota Sioux



The NAEP office was provided an updated list of parent contact information for all the Native students within the Amphitheater School District, as of August 10, 2015.  We have updated our email distribution list since that time.

To be ADDED:  If you have a Native American student enrolled within the Amphitheater Public School District, and are not receiving the updates, please send an email to or contact our office to be added to the email distribution list.  Please include in the Subject Line, PLEASE ADD.

To be REMOVED:  If you do not wish to receive updates (regarding upcoming activities/events, scholarship opportunities, conference attendance information, or local cultural events) please reply to  Indicate in the Subject Line, PLEASE REMOVE.  Your contact information will then be removed from our email distribution list.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.



Does your child have a Title VII Student Eligibility Certification (506) Form on file?

Our office receives federal funding to meet the needs of Native American students in Amphitheater School District. Funding is based on the number of enrolled Native American students in the district. In order to be counted as a Native American student in the school district and have access to our services, parents must complete the Title VII Eligibility (506) form and return it to their child's school or to our office located at 435 E. Glenn Street.


Does your child have a Johnson O'Malley (JOM) Student Eligibility form on file?

Our office also receives federal funding for the Johnson O'Malley (JOM) program.  The JOM program is a federally-funded educational program that allows for student, parent, and community involvement in meeting their educational needs which are both academic and cultural based.  In order to qualify for student services through this program, students must be aged 3 years through Grade 12 -AND- 1/4 or more degree Indian blood of a Federally-recognized tribe.  Parents must complete the Indian Student Enrollment/Certification of Eligibilty form and return to their child's school or to our office located at 435 E. Glenn Street.


Does your child have their Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) on file?

Each Tribal Nation issues a CDIB to every enrolled tribal member. Under the JOM, every child we service needs to have his/her own CDIB enrollment number. Please contact your Tribal Nation to obtain this information. Upon receipt, please submit a copy to the NAEP office.

How do I request help for my child?

Parents are their child's first teacher. Parents often are the first to notice when their child is having difficulties at school. Our office provides individual tutoring, counseling, mentoring, and can act as an advocate on your child's behalf. As a parent, you can request these services from our office. Complete the referral form and return it to your child's school office or to our office located at 435 E. Glenn Street.



What Services Are Offered For My Child?

NAEP offers the following services for Native American Students enrolled within the Amphitheater Public Schools:

  • Individual tutoring services at their school site,
  • Mentoring and Counseling to address academic, family, social, behavioral and cultural issues that may be affecting the student,
  • College Night to assist and give guidance to students who are interested in the higher education track after high school,
  • Fall and Spring Family Celebrations that offer workshops for families on various issues concerning health, family, culture, and career options,
  • Native STEP - A 5-week Summer Transition and Enrichment Program (STEP) offered to Native American students in the Amphitheater District that addresses math, reading, writing, and cultural learning activities.


Other services may include:

  • Outside Referral Services - The NAEP, at times, receive communication regarding behavioral intervention issues of a student.  An outside counseling resource, specific to the student’s need, may be contacted for further assistance.  This information is then forwarded to the parent/guardian (i.e. homeless liaison, food pantry, clothing bank, Salvation Army, Parents As Teachers, etc.)  In addition, the NAEP may also be contacted to attend Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. 

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - The NAEP may be contacted and requested to attend a Parent/Teacher conference meeting.  The Advisor/Tutor may be asked to offer assistance to a remedy a problem the student may encounter.  This assistance may involve advice from a cultural and historical perspective. 

  • Long-Term Suspension/Expulsion/Retention - Teachers, Counselors, or Family Advocates may contact the NAEP office to accompany the student and parent/guardian to attend a hearing regarding long-term suspension, expulsion, or retention.  The Advisor/Tutor role is as an advocate on behalf of the student and/or parent/guardian.

  • Cultural Presentations - The NAEP may be contacted to assist in cultural presentations to students within the Amphitheater Public School District.  The NAEP is a diverse staff that offers various cultural perspectives that help enhance the student’s knowledge in the Native American culture and traditions.

  • Extracurricular Involvement - The NAEP has sponsored or attended cultural education sessions utilizing cultural materials relevant to 21st Century Skills including the Summer Transition & Enrichment Program, Native Pride, Native Wisdom Seekers, Raytheon American Indian Network Youth Day, Arizona Indian Education Association Youth Conference, National Johnson O’Malley Association Conference, American Indian Science & Engineering Society Conference, and various organizations from the University of Arizona.


Homework Resources for Parents

Problems helping your child with homework?
      -  Free Parent Resources

Reading resources for Elementary and Middle School Parents!
      -  Scholastic for Parents 

***Other resources available in Student Information***



 Help Your Child Learn of Other Tribal Nations


Local Tribal Nations


  -  Tohono O'odham (Desert People)
  -  Akimel O’odham (River People)
  -  Ak-Chin (Mouth of the Wash)
  -  Onk Akimel O'odham (Salt River)
  -  Hia-C'ed O'odham (Sand People)

Yoeme (Pascua Yaqui) 


Surrounding Tribal Nations

  -  San Carlos
  -  Yavapai
  -  White Mountain 

Dine' (Navajo) 



Across the Tribal Nations


  - Cherokee Nation (OK)
  - United Keetoowah Band (OK)
  - Eastern Band (North Carolina)






  - Seminole Nation (Oklahoma)
  - Seminole Tribe (Florida)



***More Tribal resources available in Resource Links*** 





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Parent Meetings

Become involved with your child's education by being a part of the NAEP Parent Meetings!  Meetings are held at the Keeling Elementary School in the Title I / NAEP conference room located at 435 E. Glenn Street. 


Next JOM Meeting:

  • Tue, December 1, 6:00 pm
       -  Agenda

Next Title VII Meeting:

  • Tue, December 1, 7:00 pm
       -  Agenda

At the parent meetings, it is a time for parents to provide their suggestions and input for the benefit of all our Amphitheater Native students.  In addition, the parents are always welcome to voice their concerns regarding services for their child.  Join us at the next meeting for information about the exciting, upcoming events planned!

Tell Me 

 parent brochure
  Parent Informational



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Upcoming Events:



Thu-Fri, Nov 26-27
No School. NAEP office closed.



Tuesday, December 1

  • Parent Meetings
    • JOM, 6:00 pm
    • Title VII, 7:00 pm


Wednesday, December 2

  • AIEA General Mtg
    1833 W. Southern Ave
    Mesa, Arizona 85202


Saturday, December 5


  • NAEP Parent Fundraiser
    Tucson Tamal Festival
    AVA Amphitheater
    5655 West Valencia Rd
    Tucson, AZ 85757
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Thursday, December 10


Monday, December 14
(tentative date)

  • Family Winter Gathering
    Keeling Elementary School, MPR
    2837 N. Los Altos Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    6:00-8:00 pm


Thursday, December 17

  • Last Day of 1st Semester


December 21 - January 1
No School. NAEP office closed.


Monday, January 4

  • School Resumes



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