Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions that are frequently asked and some informative answers to them. If you have any further questions, please refer to the contact page send an email.

What determines a bus stop?
A. Stops no closer than 2 tenths of a mile
B. A safe place for students to wait
C. At least a tenth of a mile from blind hills or curves

What determines walking distance to a school?
Kindergartners - 1/2 mile
1st through 5th grades - 1 mile
6th through 8th grades - 1 3/4 mile
9th through 12th - 1 3/4 mile

What happens to student's belongings left on the bus?
The bus drivers keep them on the bus for a couple of days. Have the student check with the bus driver.

Why doesn't my child have an air conditioned bus?
We are currently upgrading to air conditioned buses every year. Right now approximately 40% of our fleet has air conditioning. Ever year this percentage will increase as we continue to upgrade.

What should a student do if they want to get off at a different stop?
The student must have a note from the parent and must be approved by the school. This ensures the safety and well being of that student.