Early Learning Resources

An alphabet recognition program that displays the letter in uppercase and lowercase and if the student clicks on the letter it will say the letter.

Displays the letters of the alphabet and students can click on a letter and see it, hear it, and see a word that begins with the selected letter.

A picture book story with animated pictures designed for primary students.
A site designed for primary students that has games, activities, storybooks, and more.

An activity that allows students to click on a box that has the correct color.

Provides activities for primary students about colors, numbers, letters, shapes, words, and more. The activities are outstanding and do not require the students to read information.

A phonetic awareness activity that asks students to match pictures that rhyme.

Provides links to numerous sites to use with K-2 students organized by thematic topic.

An activity that allows students to participate in a variety of number activities.

Provides thematic units, balanced literacy, classroom management, and lesson plans for the primary classroom teacher.

Provides animated stories and other activities for primary students.