Sites to use with Interactive Whiteboards
Grades 6-12
This site provides links to labeled diagrams of the various systems of the human body.
This interactive site allows students to build a fossil skeleton from a pile of bones using click and drag features. As a result of using this site, students can reflect on the field of paleontology.
This site includes a variety of animations about the structure and function of cells. The animations include a lot of content detail and would be appropriate for high school biology classes.
Provides a program where students can enter data and create a line, bar, pie or area chart.
This site provides students with space to summarize and draw about a piece of reading. Using an interactive whiteboard with this site would help students share their ideas with an audience.
This site provides links to hundreds of satellite images which can be used to study weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, oceans, islands, fires, and a variety of other features of the earth's surface.
Practice with exercises following grammar rules.
Provides a link to a lottery odds calculator and links to many state lottery number selectors.
Provides a simulation of a lottery program and shows the counts and percentages for matching 0 to 6 of your lucky lottery numbers
This National Geographic site provides maps with varying degrees of detail. Choose from maps of the earth, continents, or individual countries.
This site provides links to a variety interactive math activities from NCTM that could be used with an Interactive Whiteboard.
Provides open ended math explorations
Use these interactive math tools to enhance student understanding in the areas of number and operation skills, algebra, and geometry.
This is an interactive periodic table from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
This real time data site shows ongoing population growth for the United States and the world.
Each picture in this series is 10 times larger or smaller than the picture preceding it. This site can be used to help students understand exponential notation.
Provides links to geography, vocabulary and trivia games that work well on an interactive white board.
Provides math lessons, activities and tools.
Locate your city, school, home, and more using satellite and aerial photographs of the United States.
This Metropolitan Museum of Art site shows artwork from various time periods and regions of the world. An interactive whiteboard could be used to enhance analysis and discussion of various pieces of art.
This site uses a virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy tutorial that allows students to view a variety of samples while adjusting the focus, contrast, brightness, and magnification of the samples. A variety of insect specimens are available for viewing.