2011-2012 Meeting Schedule

Amphitheater Governing Board


The Governing Board of Amphitheater Unified School District No. 10 of Pima County will hold regular Governing Board meetings and executive session meetings (student discipline) on the dates listed below. In months when just one meeting is scheduled, the meeting may conduct both regular business and Executive Session session/discipline matters. During months when two meetings are scheduled, the first meeting date will conduct primarily regular business and the second meeting date will conduct primarily executive session - discipline matters (exception: June, when this protocol is reversed).

Regular and Executive Session meetings are held in the Governing Board Room at Wetmore Center, 701 West Wetmore Road, Tucson, Arizona, unless notice to the contrary is posted. Times vary; appropriate information will be indicated on agenda postings.

Additional meetings may be called by the Board, as needed. Notices and Agendas of all Governing Board meetings and its committees, including any updates to location or time information previously noted, will be posted not less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting. These notices and agendas will be posted at 701 West Wetmore (Bulletin Board case located at the front of the building, near the flag pole). Agendas are also posted on the District’s web site: www.amphi.com.


For more information, please contact the Governing Board office: 520.696.5158.
**Indicates months when there is only one Board Meeting scheduled: July, November, December, and May.

Approved: February 22, 2011


July 5, 2011
August 9, 2011
August 23, 2011– Executive Session
September 6, 2011
September 20, 2011– Executive Session
October 4, 2011
October 25, 2011– Executive Session
**November 15, 2011
** December 6, 2011


January 10, 2012
January 24, 2012– Executive Session
February 7, 2012
February 21, 2012– Executive Session
March 6, 2012
March 27, 2012– Executive Session
April 10, 2012
April 24, 2012– Executive Session
**May 8, 2012
June 5, 2012– Executive Session
June 19, 2012