Susan Zibrat

Susan Zibrat

Governing Board President

Susan Zibrat has lived in the Amphitheater School District since 1982.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. She worked briefly in banking and then worked in the finance organization of Hughes Aircraft Co. (now Raytheon) until 1992.

Susan is very proud of her two daughters, both of whom have attended Amphi schools.   
Susan has volunteered substantial time and energy serving the schools her daughters attended as well as for the greater good of the District.  She served several years on various committees and on the PTO Board at Wilson K-8 School.  She is also a strong supporter of Project Graduation and served as Chairperson in 2007.  She co-chaired two Blue Ribbon Committees for the Amphitheater School District – the Budget Analysis Committee (2004) and the Budget Analysis and Facilities Needs Process Committee (2007).  Both committees were made up of a cross section of community members and studied every aspect of running the Amphitheater School District.  At their conclusion, both committees unanimously recommended that the Governing Board call for a Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Budget Override on the May 2005 ballot and for a Bond Election on the November 2007 ballot, respectively.  Once the Blue Ribbon committees were dissolved by the Governing Board, Susan then co-chaired a Political Action Committee (PAC) LEAP AHEAD for Amphi Schools which advocated for ballot initiatives for the Amphitheater School District.  This small committee of district parents was successful in garnering community support for the M&O override on the May 2005 ballot and then the subsequent renewal on the November 2009 ballot.  In November 2007, community taxpayers passed the Bond Election for $180 million dollars to improve facilities.  In November, 2009, the community voted to renew the 2005 Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Budget Override but, unfortunately, did not support a new capital outlay override.

In addition to advocating for the Amphitheater School District, Susan served as Treasurer for various Oro Valley campaigns; Citizens for Naranja Park Bonds (failed, November 2008), Mary Snider for Oro Valley (successful in March 2010) and Yes on Question 1 (successful, November 2010).  Susan also serves Southern Arizona youth as a "friend" of the Oro Valley Optimists.

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