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1351 E. Limberlost Drive
Tucson, AZ 85719-1120

Principal: Dianna Kuhn

(520) 696-5250
(520) 696-5260 (fax)

Grade Levels: K-5
Enrollment: 519

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Our mission is to provide quality education in partnership with parents and the community. We encourage this by maintaining a learning environment that fosters productivity and inspires children to be innovative, responsible, and life-long learners. We encourage this through our PTO, our Achieve program, Site Council and a strong alliance with the local businesses.

We strive to meet each child's needs through an exceptional classroom experience and a multitude of support and enrichment programs. Quality Education means we develop the very best in each child through ESL, REACH, Special Education, Balanced Literacy, Title 1 Support, Music, Art, P.E., Artist in Residence Program, Positive Behavior Support, and ACHIEVE.

Organization and Philosophy
    • Integrated / Thematic Teaching

    • Focused Reading Blocks

    • Self-contained Classrooms�

  • Education through Inquiry, Cooperative Learning, and Mastery methodologies
Instructional Programs
    • Music / Art / PE

    • Special Education�

    • Speech

    • Enrichment & Remediation

    • Balanced Literacy

    • Gifted Education

  • ESL
Academic Goals
    • On the AIMS-DPA Writing, the average 6 point rating will be 3.0 or higher in each of the six traits for grades 3-5 with a focus on word choice and sentence fluency.

    • The percent of students passing the Math portion of the AIMS-DPA will increase from Spring with a focus on teaching Discrete Math concepts.

  • The percent of students passing the Spring Reading portion of the AIMS-DPA will increase from Spring with a focus on word meaning and vocabulary.
  • All certified staff will use technology as a tool for curriculum mapping. Math and Writing will be mapped for the school year.