Prior Knowledge

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA Resources Gives examples for accessing students� prior knowledge and teaching learning strategies.

Knowledge Loom Provides ideas for making connections to students' lives.

Knowledge Loom - 2 Gives strategies for building background knowledge.

Pdictionary Internet picture dictionary builds background knowledge.

KWLH and Anticipation Guides Strategies for accessing prior knowledge.

Vocabulary Development

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA Resources - Elementary Provides ideas for vocabulary building and vocabulary webs.

NCELA Resources - Secondary Includes ideas for using word maps, cognates, and cloze activities.

Vocabulary Links Includes links to helpful vocabulary sites.

ESL Library A great site for ELLs to reinforce vocabulary. Includes flash c ards to print out.

Academic Vocabulary Games As mentioned in SEI 103. From Tennessee Dept. of Education and Marzano.

Reading Strategies

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA: K-6/Elementary-1 Focuses on strategies for text comprehension instruction.

NCELA: K-6/Elementary-2 Ideas for choral reading and readers theater.

NCELA:7-12/Secondary Includes ideas for working with narrative and expository texts as well as using textbooks.

Mosaic: All grades This is a listserv website where teachers share their reading comprehension strategies using a variety of popular children books.

Starfall Children's phonics and reading.

Writing Strategies

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA: K-6/Elementary-3 Includes examples for using Dialogue Journals, Process Writing, and Graphic Organizers.

NCELA:7-12/Secondary-2 Scroll down for ideas on academic writing.

CWR Univ - All grades This site will provide you with some writing strategies and more. Make sure you look under additional resources for more ideas.
Eduplace Great organizers for writing.
Selecting and Adapting Materials

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA / Materials - All grades Describes methods for selecting and adapting materials.

Repeat After Us Audio clips of text to aid in comprehension, listening skills, and pronunciation.

Online Resources Online resources for text and more.

Readers Theater Reader�s Theater scripts adapted from stories written by Aaron Shepard and others.
Readers Theater Scripts and Plays Printable scripts and plays for your students to practice their fluency.
Experiential Methods

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA / Inquiry - Elementary Strategies to use in math, science, and social studies.

NCELA / Inquiry - Secondary Examples of lesson plans to use in math, science, and social studies.

Drama - All grades Student will reinforce their learning though drama and computer based multimedia. Your students will in engage in opportunities that involve higher order thinking skills.

Bogglesworld ESL Click on Survival or Business English for ideas.

Get your students involved! Ways to involve students in economic and social world issues.

Content Specific Examples

Elementary and Secondary �
NCELA - Content - All grades Look at link to C-ESL 15 and lesson plan examples at the different grade levels.

NCELA - Lessons - All grades Links to lesson plans for ELLs in the content areas.

Vancouver - All grades lessons Links to sites based on content area.

AmbleMath Addition practice
Math Vocabulary Graphic organizers for teaching math vocabulary.

Multiple ELL Strategies

Elementary and Secondary �
Knowledge Loom - Secondary Excellent site with information on Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas. Includes resources and ideas for a variety of strategy areas such as prior knowledge, vocabulary development, reading, and writing.

TESOL Links - All grades This website lists a variety of other sites that include strategies, lessons and activities.

Many Things Great online games for voabulary and listening skills. Lists strategies for different ELL levels.

A List of ESL Strategies This is a list of ESL Strategies that you can implement in immediately in your classroom.

More Sites for Multiple ELL Strategies

Gamequariam Helpful games and visual to enhance learning in the classroom or with computers.

Strategies for the Classroom Check out the strategies from San Antonio Independent School District.

ESL/Bilingual Strategies - Math Helpful strategies for developing a learning environment that is effective and more comprehensible for ESL students (click on Strategies).

ESL Classroom Strategies This site is lists strategies designed to help ESL students in both social and academic contexts.

NWREL - Strategies An article on ELL strategies.

SIOP Institute Examples of SIOP lesson plans.

Internet4classrooms This site contains a list of English language resources to help your ELL student learn English.

Graphic Organizers

All subjects �

Frayer Model - for vocabulary

Enchanted Learning

Longman Organizers Click on the graphic organizer link on the left nav.
Note-Taking Methods Examples of methods and organizers for note-taking

All subjects �
IDEAL/United Streaming Log in to Asset and click on Curriculum Resource. Then click on United Streaming
CHANTS Ideas for Chants

Thinking Things from Snaith Primary Online learning experiences from K-12 students.

Cornell University Cornell University provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12.

Paso Partners Lesson activities that intergrates science, mathematics and language for grades K-3.

The Great Planet Escape An engaging way for students to learn about planets.

Try Science Students will investigate,
discover and try science themselves in this site created through a partnership between IBM Corporation the New York Hall of Science, the Association of Science-Technology Center and science centers worldwide.

Primary Grades/Pre-School

Pre-School English Learners This site includes teaching practices that engage students in activities that are meaningful and culturally relevant.

National Child Care Information Center This site has information for early care and educational professionals who are working with children who are English language learners.

Activities for Improving Fluency Activities and ideas to improve students' reading fluency.

Clip Art Pictures are organized by part of speech and topic.
Student Centers: Fluency, Phonics, and Vocabulary Click on the student center activities for your grade level. Scroll down to find activities for phonics, vocabulary, fluency, etc.
Phonemic Awareness

Phonics Flash Animation Project Phonemic animated libraries in the langauges of English, Spanish and German.

Patti's Electronic Classroom This site includes activities that include phonemic awareness.

Jan Brett Motivate your students to practice phonic skills with phonogram flashcards.

Blending Dragon Game Your students will have great fun practicing their phonics skills with this game.


Ntational Library of Virtual Manipulatives More than 60 virtual maipulatives and activites to facilitate mathematics learning at Pre-K-2,3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

Educational Java Programs Educational interactive tools to enhance math learning in the areas of money, base 10 blocks, fraction bars,time, pattern blocks and the pythagorean theorem.

Rainforest Maths This site includes more than 800 interactive math parctices all around the rainforest theme.

Create a Graph Students can create their own graph.

Maths Dictionary for Kids This dictionary offers definitions of mathematics terms from A-Z.

Social Studies, History, World Cultures

Nuestra Gente/Hispanic Heritage Introduces students to the culture and accomplishments of Hispanic Americans.

American Dream This site investigates what the American Dream has meant over the years to poets, politicians, comedians, musicians,
photgraphers, lawyers, reporters and others.

Cool Planet's Wake Up, World! Takes students through a day and a life of four children. They talk about their lives at home, school, activities and their dreams for the future.

Interactive Atlas A Discovery United Streaming site that links videos to an atlas.

U.S. Capital Virtual Tour This tour provides students with a unique "Capital" experience.
Art and Music

National Geographic's World Music Videos Students will explore the regions where the music is made.

SFS Kids' Radio Interactive site produced by the San Francisco Symphony.

The Art Zone Interactive art that your students can make online.

ArtsConnectED Interactive site where students can explore the tools that artist use.

SMARTboard sites

Rockingham County Public Schools


Pauly's Playhouse

Julie Thompson
Text Comprehension

Literature Circles This site provides ideas of ways to engage your students in critical thinking as they read.

Tools for Reading, Writing & Thinking Help students engage in rigourous thinking, organize complex ideas and scaffold their interactions with text.

Reading Quest The site is divided into two main groups: sites that address foundational issues and sites that give support to a particular strategy use.

Literacy Matters Teachers will learn about ways to incorporate writing, discussion, multimedia, arts and crafts and drama into their teaching repertoire