Parent Portal

The Parent Portal provides access to your child’s class progress (overall current grades), assignments (individual assignment grades), attendance, and other important information. Teachers will be updating student grades by the 1st and 15th of each month. On the morning of the day following these dates you will be able to log into the Portal and see your child’s current grades in each class. Attendance is entered on a daily basis. Log onto the portal any school day after 4:00PM and you will be able to review your child’s attendance for that day and any day prior. The Parent Portal should allow you to see the above information for all of your children enrolled in the Amphitheater Public Schools.

The Parent Portal works best when using the Internet Explorer browser. The Mozilla Firefox browser is also compatible with the Parent Portal.

The Parent Portal must be accessed from a laptop or desktop computer; it is not available from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets at this time.

To access the Parent Portal, enter your username and password at:


Questions regarding your child’s academic progress should be directed to your child’s teacher(s) . Your child’s counselor can also be an important resource. Faculty email and phone numbers can be found at the “Directory” link on the CDO homepage.

Last update: 8/5/13