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This is my fifth year as the Athletic Director here at Coronado. I have experience with coaching as a High School softball and baseball coach in Indiana, a site director for Wildcat baseball league and an Intramural Director for Memorial Park Middle School in Indiana. I also coached softball and served as the Activities Supervisor here at Coronado.

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Who is Mr. Retherford?
Ball State University
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I graduated from Ball State University in Muncie Indiana and I have taken most of my continuing/post graduate classes from Indiana University. I have 12 years teaching experience with Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana.

This is my tenth year here at Coronado. I look forward to another great year!

I have a beautiful bride of 30 years, a daughter and a son. We were all born and raised in Indiana. My daughter is married and just gave us our 1st grandbaby on New Years Eve. They continue to live in Indiana. My son is also in Indiana.
I enjoy visiting my family back in Indiana, hunting, camping, water skiing and golf. I am a huge fan of the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana basketball.
Why Take Physical Education?
Physical Education
I am a true believer that there is a direct correlation between physical fitness and academic achievement. One is no more important than the other.

"Children who had the best average scores in standardized tests in reading, math, science and social studies were fit at the start and end of the study, researchers found. The next best group, academically, in all four subjects, was made up of children who were not fit in fifth grade but had become fit by seventh grade. The children who had lost their fitness levels between fifth and seventh grades were third in academic performance. Children who were not physically fit in either the fifth or seventh grades had the lowest academic performance." (http://www.physorg.com/news186776754.html)

Kids who increase their physical activity from three to five days a week show:
- 20% improvement in fitness
- 20% improvement in school attendance
- 50% reduction in smoking
- 15%-20% improvement in self esteem
- 20% improvement in school grades
- 60% reduction in drug and alcohol use
Source: First Choice Study by P.E.4LIFE Fitness PLUS Sept. 2001