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8th Grade Notebook inspection index
Next inspection September 11, 2015

Notebook Inspection #1    click on link to see requirements                        

Notebook Inspection #4                                                

Notebook Rules 2015/2016 1. Notebook paper will be provided by Mr. Williams if you do not have your own.

2. A notebook cover is DESIRED. You may
make or buy one but all paper must be covered and secured by at least a staple. If you can not afford a notebook binder please see Mr. Williams. One may be provided for you.

2. Your name, subject, period, and my name (Mr.Williams) will be on the cover or first page of your notebook. In the event your notebook is lost it has a better chance of being returned if this information is included on your cover or first page.

4. During each unit of study you will create as many as four categories to your notebook including; Class Notes, Vocabulary, Movies, and Labs. A grade sheet will be kept in the very front of your notebook, where you will keep track of your grade.

5. Each unit of study will be identified with a number and each section of notes with another numbers. These numbers will appear on each page of your notes i.e. (Unit 1 Section 1).

6. Each time your notebook is graded, neatness will be counted. It is recommended that you rewrite or type your notes each day.

7. It is understood that not everyone is a gifted artist. Every student will be expected to include scientific drawings in their notes. These should be done to the best of their ability. Drawings should be colored. Colored pencils will be provided in class.

8. No consideration will be given for lost or stolen notebooks.

9. If you are absent, it will be your responsibility to get notes you missed from a fellow student or to see Mr. Williams. A master copy of all lecture notes is kept at Mr. Williams� desk.

10. Notes will be taken almost everyday in class.

11. No doodling in your notebook please. Keep it neat.

12. Notebooks will be inspected and given a grade no less then 3 times a quarter. See science expectation sheet for grade value of your notebook. The point value of most inspections will range from 250 to 550 points. Before each inspection you will be given an inspection form which will show you exactly what is being inspected and the point value of each it item.

13. Late notebooks will receive a lower grade.

14. Extra Credit is often given for exceeding the expectations of Mr. Williams. i.e. � typing your notes, rewriting your notes especially neat, placing your notes in plastic covers, adding your own research to your notes or taking more notes than required during videos or films.

15.You will want to keep your notebook all year so you can study for your comprehensive final at the end of the school year. DO NOT throw any part of your notebook away. You will need it in May. Along with using the notebook to prepare for a comprehensive final you will be subject to a final notebook inspection valued at 1000 points.

16. This notebook requirement is a tradition in Mr. Williams� classroom. Along with learning science and organizational skill you will grow to treasure your notebook. Many former students come back to the classroom years later to report that they still have their notebook and use it often. You will take this notebook to high school and may even refer to it in college.

17. Past outstanding notebooks are available for your review if you need a better visual example of what is expected.

18. This is an exercise in learning organizational skills. An organized student is always a better student who earns higher grades.

19. Some students choose to go to great expense to make their notebook the best it can be with plastic covers for each page and a 6 inch binder. These are nice aspects of very neat notebooks but they are not required. Please do not tell your parents that your teacher requires these in order to get an �A� on notebook inspections. That would not be true.