Mrs. Galer


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Welcome to an exciting year of learning and growth in independence! In second grade we explore communities, study body systems, weather, and the life cycles of insects and mammals. We learn to add and subtract 2-digit and 3 digit numbers, solve problems, count money, tell time and make graphs. We read lots of interesting fiction and non-fiction books. We author great fiction and nonfiction writing too.

Happiness is ... 2nd grade! 




Meet Mrs. Galer

I am a highly qualified elementary education teacher with 13 years experience teaching grades K-4. I'm happy to be teaching another year in 2nd grade at Mesa Verde!

I just can't hide my Mesa Verde Pride!

Go Mountain Lions!

Contact Info:
Mrs. Kandyce Galer
Room 10
520.696.6106 email:





Second Grade Supplies
Please do not label supplies with student's name:
(2) pink pearl erasers
(2) Dz. #2 pencils
(2) large box of tissues (lotion free)
(2) jumbo glue sticks
(1) pair Fiskar's child scissors
(1) dry erase marker - thin
(1) box of washable markers
(1) box 16-24 crayons
(2) two-pocket folder
(1-2) hand sanitizer (non-foaming)
(1) small plastic pencil box 
Backpack with child's name on it (no wheels)
$15.00 donation for classroom consumables (workbooks, magazines, etc.)