Mrs. Galer

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Mrs.Kandyce Galer
Room 11
696.6108 email:

**WiSh LiSt**~2013-2014

Yellow Hi-Lighters



Second Grade Supplies
Please do not label supplies with student's name:
(2) pink pearl erasers
(2) Dz. #2 pencils
(2) large box of tissues (lotion free)
(2) jumbo glue sticks
(1) pair Fiskar's child scissors
(1) dry erase marker - thin
(1) box of washable markers
(1) box 16-24 crayons
(1) two-pocket folder
(1-2) hand sanitizer (non-foaming)
(1) small plastic pencil box 
Backpack with child's name on it (no wheels)
$15.00 donation for classroom consumables (workbooks, magazines, etc.)