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Explorer News: Amphi Invited the Community on a Trip of Discovery

discover amphi tour

By Logan Burtch-Buus, The Explorer

When was the last time you rode on a school bus?
That was the question asked of nearly 20 adults by Amphitheater Public Schools Superintendent Patrick Nelson last week as the group prepared to take the district’s inaugural “Discover Amphi Tour.” On board were parents of students, elected officials and other community members—all ready to visit several schools within the district’s northern region.
From looking under the hood of the district’s academic machine and popping in to several classrooms, to watching various displays of student artistic and developmental talent, Nelson said that the tour is the perfect opportunity for the public to better understand where and how the taxpayer dollar is spent within the district. By showing off and being transparent in its operations, Nelson said the district is able to show off the hard work being done by its students.
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