• Amphi Academy Online

    The Amphitheater School District recognized years ago that some parents may be looking for new or different learning options for their children. As a result, the District established a blended learning academy, where students receive online instruction through the use of online curriculum and Amphitheater teachers. Amphi Academy Online has offered online education for eight years in grades 6-12, and has expanded for elementary school in response to the COVID-19 virus. Amphi Academy teachers are certified, highly qualified, and are specialists in their content areas.

    Teachers provide instruction, tutoring, acceleration opportunities, intervention, monitoring and test proctoring while students work on their online courses. Students have the option of participating in extracurricular activities at their Amphitheater School District home school (check with your home school’s athletic department for eligibility requirements). Students may also take elective classes outside of Amphi Academy Online with their home school.

    Elementary School

    All students who register for the Amphi Academy Online for Elementary School will be assigned an Amphitheater teacher who will be specially trained to teach online. Students will be enrolled in Amphi Academy Online as a separate school. Students will most likely will not have a teacher who teaches at their regular school site. Some affiliation with their “brick and mortar” school will be maintained through regular communication and the ability to go back to the regular school, if open, upon request and consultation. Open enrolled students will not lose their ability to maintain enrollment in the school they have chosen.

    Students will have access to a learning platform that includes all subject areas. The name of the platform will be announced after July 23rd. The Amphi teacher assigned will have daily contact with their online class of students and will provide live lessons and assignments using the online software. All assessments are online. Assignments will be graded and attendance will be taken based on instructional minutes on the software and instructional time with the teacher.

    Students will need access to the internet and a device for at least 3-4 hours a day with the remaining time set aside for activities, work, or projects requiring “off screen” time.

    Teachers will provide live lessons at scheduled times during the day staggered by grade level to accommodate families with more than one child in our schools. In addition, teachers will be contacting students individually by appointment to check in on their progress and give assessments as needed. To the extent possible, parents will be asked to keep appointments that are scheduled in order to ensure that all students are receiving the attention they need from their teacher.

    Parents will be provided with sample schedules prior to the first day of school. Teachers will provide detailed schedules to families. Parents are highly engaged in this type of learning model as the coach for their child(ren).

    Families who choose the full-time online option should contact their schools. Staff will guide you through the registration.

    Middle and High School

    Amphi Academy Online for Middle and High School is an established, accredited program that offers an excellent alternative learning option for students who need flexibility in their educaton or who are not comfortable with an in-person environment.

    Amphi Academy Online allows students to have control over their pace of learning as they complete their schoolwork while also having the support of Amphitheater teachers. Amphi Academy Online utilizes curricula that fits each student’s needs and has advanced online course options in specific content areas, as well as learning in all core subjects and world languages.

    The approved curricula for middle and high school are provided by Edgenuity™. Courses are also offered in a credit recovery and honors version.

    Families who choose the full-time online option should fill out this form. They will be then be contacted with more information about registering and scheduleing. For more information about the middle and high school Amphi Academy Online, please call your home school or call 696-5356 for more information.