• Summer School

    Summer school offers students an opportunity to make up classes or credits they may have failed, or an opportunity to get ahead and open up room in their school year schedule for other classes.  Either way, students have two options for summer classes through the Amphitheater School District: in the classroom or online.

    Classroom instruction will take place at CDO this year and information about registration can be found here.

    Online classes are offered through the Mesa Distance Learning Program (MDLP) and information about registration for those classes can be found here

    Whichever program a student chooses we recommend that they speak with their counselor before registering to make sure that they are choosing the correct class.


    Summer Opportunities

    Listed below are opportunities that are offered at various universities and colleges around the nation and others here in the Tucson area.  The Counseling Deprtment is not endorsing or recommending any of these but rather is providing information.  Please be sure to check out any programs you might be interested in before you sign up.


    Youth Conservation Corp - Summer Youth Conservatio Program at Saguaro National Park and Southern Arizona

    Camp Cardiac -  an introduction for any high school student interested in exploring a career in medicine.

    The Perry Outreach Program - a free, one-day, hands-on experience for high school women who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine and engineering


    Beacon College - Summer for Success for High School Students (specifically for students with LD/ADHD)

    Boston University Summer Journalism Institute - Expand your skills. Experience college life. Explore Boston.

    Boston University Academy of Media Producation - learn the power of good writing and visual storytelling by creating videos, short films, webcasts, multi-camera productions, and more.

    Duke University Summer Programs - Summer College for High School Students, Summer Academy and Summer STEM

    WISP Young Writers Institute - opportunities to develop their writing skills and confidence in writing, presenting, and collaborating