• Reopening Protocols and Mitigation Plan

    The Amphitheater School District has created plans to provide a safe and positive learning environment for students and staff. The plans are based on recommendations from county and state health officials and our Blue Ribbon Committee. Details are included in our Employee and Student Handbooks, and we are sharing the information here as well.

    Please be aware that in addition to the items on this list, each school site has also developed procedures specific to their campuses regarding student and employee health and safety.

    Cleaning and Sanitization

    • All desks and chairs will be cleaned every day in elementary schools and after every class in secondary schools. Students can assist with the cleaning of their own desks. Teachers can spray, and students can wipe desks.
    • Hand sanitizer and/or soap and water will be available in every classroom.
    • Alcohol wipes will be available to sanitize computer keyboards and other devices.
    • Rooms will be ventilated to the extent possible. All HVAC systems in every school meet the CDC requirements for ventilation for the pandemic.
    • Libraries and maker spaces will require handwashing/sanitizing before entering.
    • Libraries will set aside returned items for the time period recommended by the CDC before handling.
    • Recesses will be staggered and kept to grade-level cohorts.
    • Playground equipment will be sanitized daily.
    • A COVID-19 Response Team has been formed that can respond to a suspected case of COVID-19 to provide deep sanitizing of necessary areas.
    • Additional custodial staffing and grounds-keeping duties for added cleaning of facilities and playground equipment (touchpoints).

    PPE/Health and Safety

    • Face coverings are required by Pima County and Governing Board policy and compliance will be enforced. Students may request an accommodation by submitting a request to the School Health Office. The District has an established interactive process for reviewing a student request for an accommodation due to health-related reasons.  Accommodation requests are determined by the Health Director.  Principals, teachers and other staff members do not have authority to grant an accommodation. 
    • The Superintendent and Governing Board has provided each employee with four cloth face masks. 
    • The District has received donations of more than 3,000 face masks for student use.
    • Special face coverings have been provided by Student Services for use with children who have special needs.
    • Parents are responsible for determining their child’s health status before arriving at school. The District will provide a checklist.
    • Parents are responsible for keeping their child at home should they present with any symptoms of illness.
    • Any student or staff member exhibiting signs of illness must stay home.
    • The District has adjusted HVAC systems to pull in a maximized amount of outside air.
    • The District continues to change its air filters on a scheduled quarterly basis.

    Contact Limiting

    • Classrooms will be cleared of excess furniture to allow for desks/tables to be spaced as much as possible.
    • Schools will minimize the number of students in common areas and will expand cafeteria space/add tables outside (middle and high schools).
    • Elementary students will eat with their cohorts.
    • Limited volunteers/visitors will be permitted on campus. Program volunteers are permitted.
    • Recesses will be staggered to keep grade-level cohorts together. 
    • Seating will be arranged to allow for physical distancing as feasible, with students facing the same direction.
    • Social Distancing will be complied with to every extent possible in all contexts: lunch lines, hallways, etc.


    • Amphitheater has published guidelines for staff and students to facilitate with the establishment of routines and procedures.
    • Teachers will communicate with parents through District email or by phone.
    • District maintains an email hotline (answers@amphi.com) for questions and concerns.


    • Masks are required on all District transportation and on contracted transportation for students and staff, with the exception of those with specific health conditions.
    • The District will provide masks to students when boarding the bus when they forget to bring one.
    • Students will sit no more than two to a seat with a maximum capacity of 56 students per bus.
    • Select windows will be open on buses to improve ventilation.
    • Parents are encouraged to plan for transportation from and to the same bus stop during the pandemic.
    • Bus passes may be issued to manage enrollment in transportation services. Passes should be integrated with identification badges.
    • Buses will be sanitized after morning and afternoon runs.
    • Contracted transportation providers should be required to match District mitigation efforts.
    • The District will encourage families to carpool to decrease the number of children riding buses.
    • The District will take necessary precautions and mitigation efforts when transporting special needs and medically fragile students.

    Food and Nutrition

    • Elementary students will eat with their grade level cohorts.
    • Additional tables will be placed in the cafeterias to allow for social distancing, and additional tables will be placed outside at middle and high schools.
    • Tables will be sanitized between servings.
    • Food sharing will be discouraged.
    • School lunches should be pre-placed on tables to avoid lines and promote social distancing.
    • Lunch times will be staggered to minimize number of students in cafeterias at the same time in elementary schools.
    • Grab and Go lunches will be provided in multiple lines to minimize congregation.
    • Salad bars and self-serve items will be temporarily eliminated.
    • Additional staff have been hired to assist with sanitizing and removal of food trash.
    • Visitors are not be allowed in the cafeteria until further notice.

     Educational Services

    • Full-time online education available through K-12 Amphi Academy Online.
    • In-person field trips will be postponed.
    • Use of shared materials will be limited.