• Class Expectations and Procedures


    Classroom Behavior

    All students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. This includes:

    • being on time to class
    • beginning work as soon as the students is seated
    • raising hand
    • not talking out
    • not disturbing other students
    • remain seated while the teacher is teaching

    Quality of Work

    All students are expected to turn in the highest quality of work possible. This includes:

    • work is neat
    • paper not crumpled or torn
    • work is complete
    • work is turned in on time
    • spelling and grammar count
    • making up work missed while absent

    Classroom Procedures

    • Morning Routine: Students are expected to come in sit down, get out their homework and start their bell work.
    • Class Work: Students are expected to be ready to work in a group setting, and to participate during classroom discussions.  75% of my classwork is group work, learning to work with others is very important in 4th grade.
    • Homework: There will be nightly math homework. Students are expected to complete their math homework to the best of their ability.