• University of California, Berkeley 

    Ms. Rathbun's Class Picture


    Mascot: Oski

    Colors: Berkeley Blue and California Gold

    Motto: Fiat lux (Let there be light)




    Location: Berkeley, California

    Miles from Prince: 855 miles


    Fun Facts

    Fact #1: It’s tradition for students to roll down 4.0 Hill on campus to get good grades.

    Fact #2: The Free Speech Movement started in 1964 at UC Berkeley and led to a college campus phenomenon that was first inspired by the struggle for civil rights and fueled by opposition to the Vietnam War. 

    Fact #3: Standing at 307 feet tall, the Campanile (also referred to as Sather Tower) is the third tallest bell and clock tower in the world. 

    Fact #4: The campus colors are blue and gold.  Blue was chosen for the California sky and ocean and the Yale graduates that moved west to establish the university and gold was chosen for the “Golden State.”   

    Fact #5: A gold nugget found at the Bancroft Library is believed to be the the piece of gold that John Marshall discovered on January 24, 1848 to set off the California Gold Rush.