• Syracuse University

    Ms. Glavin's Class 15-16


     Class of 2029



  • Did you know?????

    * Syracuse University was founded in 1870.

    * The mascot is named Otto, and he is a giant orange!

    * Their colors are orange and blue. 

    * The Syracuse men's basketball team is natinoally ranked in the top 25 nearly every year! 

    * Ms. Glavin's WHOLE family lives in Syracuse, and most of them attended SU.

    *Syracuse is 2,382 miles away from Prince Elementary. It would take you 34 hours non-stop to drive there. 



    *When there's a long weekend, most students travel 4 hours Southeast to visit New York City. It would only take you approximately 4.5 hours. 




    For more fun facts about Syracuse, visit their website. 


    No Excuses At Prince