• About Mr. Scrivner

     A Pedagocial Metaphor

    Ironwood Ridge High School

            Teacher, Ap English 12 & Creative Writing

            Sponsor, IRHS Gaming Club


    BA - English & Creative Writing - University of Arizona

    Post-Baccelaureate Teachers Certification - Pima Community College

    Professional Experience

    English Teacher, Amphitheater Public Schools - 2005 - present

    Defining Moment in My Education

    I realize I am supposed to give some sort of stock answer here about when and where I was "inspired to become a teacher," but the answer to that question is neither simple, nor easily summarized in a few sentences for a scripted document like this. I am a deep guy, and can give you the deep answer if you're really interested, but let's do that in person, where it will not merely be you perusing my professional qualifications so you can size up my ethos and status. Any other answer here would be dishonest, and there's enough of that in the world already, isn't there?

    Core Educational Beliefs

    I like to call myself a Guerilla Ontologist. The guiding question of my pedogogy is, "how can I help students face their fears so that they can take on cultural activity that awakens rather than anaesthetizes them?"

    Why Amphi?

    I graduated from Amphitheater High School in 1994. The circle completed itself when I returned to teach in the district with teachers who, nearing their retirements, once taught me. So, it's a kind of home. And it's a home I believe in and want to fight to make better.


    "The Teacher leads
    by emptying people's minds
    and filling their cores,
    by weakening their ambition
    and toughening their resolve.
    He helps people lose everything
    they know, everything they desire,
    and creates confusion
    in those who think that they know."
                           -Lao Tzu