• What are the 6th grade Students Learning? Connecting With State Standards in Science

    •Science Process Skills and Interactive Notebook
    •Physical Science
    •Earth and Space Science
    •Life Science
    –Science Fair
    –Quarterly Projects, Science Posters
    •To achieve full points students must be actively engaged on their assignments for the entire period.  Students are expected not only to complete, but to do their best on every assignment. 
    •This grade will be based on attention to classroom procedures and the consistent practice of being a positive, respectful, and actively contributing member of the class. 
    •All work is completed in class
    •Evaluation (per quarter)
    •  20%  Homework/Projects
    •  30%  Classwork, Labs and Participation
    •  40%  Tests, Quizzes, and Assessments
    •  9%  Notebook and Bell work
    •  1% Behavior in Class (Parent Portal)