• The 3rd Grade Math series is:

    Everyday Mathematics

    Publisher - McGraw-Hill

    In the 3rd Grade Math curriculum the focus is on:  Addition, Subtration, Rounding, Place Value, Multiplication,

    Fractions, Geometry, Perimeter & Area, Probablity/Data, Measurement

    The students are required to pass the 2's-10's in the multiplication facts.  There will be timed tests given

    at least twice a week beginning in the 2nd quarter.  The facts are a very large part of the 2nd quarter's Math


    There will be Math homework Monday-Thursday night.  The homework is due the next day. 

    At the end of each chapter, there will be a chapter test.  The chapter test(s) will be sent home.

    The Benchmark tests will be saved and kept with the student(s) portfolio for the quarter.