• Every student is provided the chance to retake any test up to 110% credit.

    If a student earned a 70% originally and then scored an 85% on the retake, the 85% is the score kept. If that same student scored lower than the original 70%, such as 60%, the original 70% score would be kept.

    In order to qualify for a test retake, a student needs to do test corrections with me, another teacher, or a parent at home. The test corrections along with the old test are your ticket to the retake. What I've found to be the most effective strategy is to have the student come work with me during my office hours (Tuesday and Thursday at lunch) to practice and then one more time to do the actual retake on a different day.

    Any scheduling for office hours is the responsbility of the student. The deadline is 1 week after tests are handed back unless communicated. Once that deadline passes, the opportunity for the retake is gone.

    Test Correction Form