• Homework (20%)

    Policy update coming for 2019-2020 school year.

    Tests/Quizzes (60%)

    This is by far where the majority of their class grade comes from. A chapter test is given at the end of each chapter which usually spans 2-3 weeks of class time. For all chapters, a quiz will be given midway through the chapter.

    My test grading policy is pretty strict but fair. A correct answer is correct even if no work is shown. My tests are also almost always 11 questions with 10% being assigned per question. This means that no mistakes is a 110%. Two mistakes would result in a 90% and so on. My reasoning with my shorter tests is that I am trying to eradicate rushing and to also urge students to do each problem multiple times. I believe mistakes are avoidable if you know the content. Graphing calculators are allowed on every test but occasionally not on some quizzes. 

    Semester Final (20%)

    This class with have a semester final both semesters. During the 2018-2019 school year, I made thefinal for the Fall Semster and District provided one for the Spring semester. This upcoming year I'll likely use the District Final for both semesters. They are ABCD multiple choice and usually 40 questions. This is split over 2 days.