• Safety Rules

    You will be working with equipment and materials that can cause injury to yourself and others if not handled properly. Bad things happen in lab due to carelessness, haste, and disregard for safety rules. Following are the rules that, if followed faithfully will help to prevent bad things. If you violate a rule, you will be immediately removed from the lab area, you will receive a permanent zero on the lab, and a referral will be made to an administrator. You are risking permanent removal from the class. 

    Until a contract is signed and returned to the teacher a student will not be allowed to participate in lab work and all lab work will receive a permanent zero. 

    1.  Use a low speaking voice in the lab. Do not trespass to other  groups. Do not sit on lab tables or stand on lab stools.

    2.  Read the instructions before doing anything. Ask questions if the instructions are not clear to you.

    3.  Perform only those procedures that you have been directed to perform.

    4.  Before each and every lab, let the teacher know if you have a medical condition that may be affected by the lab (allergies, asthma, color blindness, etc.)

    5.  Leave all extraneous materials on your desk (not the floor); do not bring them to the lab bench.

    6.  Recall that no food or drink makes it past the front-door trash can on lab days. Not even drinking water is allowed in the lab.

    7.  Dress appropriately:  closed toe shoes, no loose clothing or hair, no dangling jewelry, no hats; contact lenses are strongly discouraged.

    8.  Do not leave your lab bench without permission. Don’t distract, annoy, or interfere with other students’ work.

    9.  Use equipment only for its prescribed purpose.

    10.  Smell chemicals by “wafting,” not by sticking your nose close.

    11.  Use the fume hood when instructed.

    12.  Dispose of chemicals as directed.

    13.  Use the emergency equipment as directed.

    14.  Notify the teacher when any spill occurs.

    15.  Notify the teacher when an injury, no matter how small, occurs. However, do what is necessary to minimize any injury, i.e. immediately use eye wash, safety shower, etc. – do not wait for instructor permission.

    16.  Notify the teacher when breakage occurs. The charge for breakage is apportioned among those responsible.

    17.  Read the label—twice!—before dispensing a chemical. Know what you’re using!

    18.  Unused chemicals are not to be put back in the dispensing container—it is assumed to be contaminated.

    19.  Wash your hands before leaving lab and if you come in contact with a chemical.

    20.  Use hot mitts, when you know something has been heated—even if the item looks cool!

    21.  Sweep up—don’t pick up—broken glass, and dispose of it in the designated container.

    22.  Use extreme care with Bunsen burners—never leave them unattended; never insert objects into the flame.

    23.  Don’t look straight down into a container being heated.

    24.  Clean your work area before leaving: Wipe benches, place stools under the bench, clean out the sink, leave equipment as it was found, etc.

    25.  Do not enter the prep room.

    26.  If an evacuation is necessary, turn off burners before exiting.

    27.  Goggles must be worn at all times during lab work.

    28.  It is impossible to list every safety item necessary for every lab. Therefore, listen to the instructor’s verbal directions and use your common sense. When in doubt, ask the instructor for clarification. 


    In short, do what you’re told to do, when and how you’re told to do it, without exception!