• To access either your Literature or Writing Coach books for language arts class, go to Google.com and sign in to your Google student account.

    • eight digit ID@student.amphi.com (ex: 300#####@student.amphi.com)
    • password = your first name with the first letter capitalized (unless you have changed it)

    If you're already signed in, you might need to click the Manage your Google account button in order to access the Apps menu (upper right hand corner...it looks like a square made up of nine dots).

    Scroll down in the Google apps menu to find Pearson Easy Bridge.  Click on the Easy Bridge icon.

    Now, to access the Literature book, click on Literature: PH Lit 2012 National Grade 7.

    • You'll see a blue and white screen with your name at the top.  Click on the "Open book" icon to open the same exact content as the physical books used in the classroom.  Depending on the security settings for your computer at home, you might need to disable the pop-up blocker.
    • To access quizzes (if assigned to you right now,) you should click on the "TO DO" button. You might have several assignments listed; if this is the case, go to the last page of your assignments where you'll find the required/most current assignments listed.
    • Click on the "Explore" tab and then the unit number to open resources for each unit, for example, short videos, vocabulary games, and the audio versions of the text.

    To access the Writing Coach book, click on PH Writing Coach G7 2012 NA Realize.  You'll be able to access practice work as well as the textbook through the "Classes" button.