• Amphi Academy at Cross

    An Online and Blended Learning Opportunity for Your Children

    The Amphitheater School District recognizes that some parents are looking for new and different learning options for their middle school children.  As a result, the District has established Amphi Academy at Cross.

    Students in Amphi Academy at Cross will experience blended learning with certified, and highly qualified Amphitheater teachers. We offer state approved curricula that allow students to have control over their pace, when they complete their work, and where they do the work. Cross Middle School has a brand new state-of-the art online learning classroom for students in grades 6 - 8. Your student has the option of participating in extra-curricular activities at Cross, such as band or sports. Your child may also take elective classes outside the Academy.

    We accept open enrolled students from inside and outside Amphitheater School District.

    “Amphi Academy is just right for my daughter.  It allows her to work at her own pace, and to keep her busy gymnastics training schedule.  Thanks to Amphi Academy she excels in school and on the mat!” - Roxanna M.

    Amphi Academy at Cross Offers:
    • Accelerated learning for gifted students
    • Advanced online course options in specific content areas
    • Learning in all core subjects and foreign language
    • Combination of online and face-to-face learning

    Approved Curricula
    • Edgenuity™
    • Connections Education™
    • Edison Learning™
    • Backbone Communications & Fuel Education™