• Grading Policy

    Yes, you are being evaluated! 

    DOL Grammar Tests; Journaling, Projects; Writing/Reading Assignments: Narratives, Explository, Persuasive/Argument, Research. These genres will make you a more powerful and skilled reading & writer. Make the effort each day to be greater than! 

    ELA Grading Scale  (90-100% A range);  (80-89% B range); (70-79% C range);

    (60-69% D); (0-59% F)

    Classwork/Homework: Yes, there will be homework assignments. Homework assignments will be given at the beginning of the week and, in most cases, due on Friday. Some of the elements of your homework will include:  weekly grammar, and writing assignments and projects. Your homework is one of the most important pieces of this class. Don't wait until the last minute to complete your assignments! Do not procrastinate! Honestly, 80% of the work we do, we do in class. The remaining 20% is HW. Late homework will be accepted. However, there will be a  (5) point deduction each day if the assignment is late. This begins Q2 and the reminder of the school year. 

    My suggestion: Hand in your work even if it is late!  If you have an excused absence, you will have that many days to complete the assignment. The assignment still needs to be completed and turned in, but the student will receive full credit.  If you are absent, check with your teachers on your make-up work. I want my students to learn to be pro-active, and check with me about missing work. Also, the quality of your work is a reflection on your effort. You have the time, the resources - so make it the very best that assignment can be! All students have more than sufficient time to complete assignments and make their deadlines. This is a life-skill and life lesson.

    Work Habits - Letter grade of O = Outstanding - No missing assignments; Letter grade of S = Satisfactory - no more than two missing assignments with the exception of major projects; Letter grade of Needs Improvement - three to five missing assignments including major projects; Letter grade of U = Unsatisfactory - numerous missing assignments. Late work is accepted up to one week of the assignment. Late work is noted in the Parent Portal comment section and impacts the student's work habits evaluation. 

    Behavior/Citizenship - The same letter evaluations are given to students for behaviors also known as citizenship. The idea here is that a student's behavior is not impacting the learning environment - causing distractions for other students to learn and do their work, and the teacher to be able to teach and deliver the lesson and necessary content.  Mark of Outstanding = No redirections; Mark of Satisfactory = 1 to 3 redirections; Mark of Needs Improvement = 4 to 6 redirections; Mark of Unsatisfactory = 7 or more redirections.  Parents will be contacted either by phone or email if a student's behavior needs to be addressed. I take a proactive stance on my classroom management and provide students every opportunity to redirect themselves. The bottom line I ask, "Who is responsible for your behavior?" 

    Projects: There will be several projects you will be doing throughout the school year. More information will be handed out with plenty of time to complete these assignments. Many of our projects will be started and completed in class. I will be handing out " rubrics" on how I grade these longer-term projects along with an explanation on how to be successful with your projects. Again, don't wait until the last minute to complete projects. Stay organized, pace yourself and you will be successful.

    Missing work/missing quizzes: I encourage all students to stay up on their assignments. If you miss work, it is your responsibility (the student) to find out what you missed and make it up in an appropriate amount of time. Use my lunchtime office hours to make up missing work, quizzes or tests. My office hours are on Monday at lunch. 

    Extra Credit: From time to time, I will offer extra credit work. However, students  ask how I can improve my grades? That's great! The best advice I can give is - don't  put yourself in a position where you neglected to do the "original" assignment. Remember that effort = achievement. Achieve by doing and completing assignments on time and at a high level of quality. 

    I have a NO NAME BIN where I place completed or incomplete work, but there is "no name" on the paper. I encourage students to look for missing work in the "no name" bin IF they don't receive their graded work back. During the first quarter, you will not be penalized for "no name", but starting the second quarter and the remainder of the school year, if your work is found in "no name",  that will equal (-5) on that assignment.  The first direction I always give students is to magic corner their assignment (first, last names; period and date). Be responsible!

    Office Hours: Due to my coaching responsibilities at Coronado and Ironwood Ridge, my office hours are during school time and lunch/lunch recess on Monday.  This is a time  where students can make up for missing work, quizzes, tests, and get some one on one help. Make sure you have a pass so you can re-enter the MS.  Don't be shy...ask questions! I can't help you, unless you let me know what you need. Here's my philosophy: "I want bad news early..." Why? Think about it. You can fix it and get back on track. 

    Parent Portal: The Parent Portal can be located on the Coronado Home Page. Please visit the portal on a weekly basis to check your child's grades. If there is a discrepancy, please contact me immediately. I encourage students to hold on to all their graded assignments in ALL classes for the entire quarter. 

    Note: I also place academic and behavior comments in the comment section of the PP. If you are unable to check these comments, look to use either Chrome, Explorer or Foxfire as your browser. My comments explain: If work was late and why; behavior/work habit issues observed; and extra credit earned on specific assignments. 

    Communication: is key! Email is the best way to contact me. We are also using Class Tag for school related news, but I will use it as needed to update ongoing information - sort of the former REMIND apps. Please make sure your email information for your student is updated in our Tyler system. I will return phone calls within a day, but again, email provides documentation and immediacy. Cheers!