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    High School Summer School Course Descriptions 

    Algebra 1:  This course teaches the basic fundamentals of algebra with a focus on problem solving: simplifying expressions, solving linear equations, factoring, and simplifying radicals.

    Algebra 2 (Lab Classroom**):  This class provides an in-depth review of the concepts introduced in Algebra 1 and introduces new topics including polynomials, exponents, logarithms, and trigonometry.

    Geometry:  This course covers traditional Euclidean Geometry.  Topics include proof, congruence, similarity, circles, plane and solid geometry and coordinate geometry.

    Intermediate Algebra (Lab Classroom**): This coursed is designed to provide students with a foundation of entry level algebraic applications.  The course is a bridge between Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.

    Financial Algebra (Lab Classroom**):  This course will enable students to implement the decision-making skills they must apply and use to become knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers, citizens, and members of a 21st century global community. Students will incorporate concepts, skills, and critical thinking from mathematics, language arts, social studies, and applied technology. Students will explore the real number system, linear, quadratic, exponential functions and polynomials, concepts of growth and decay, exponential and logarithmic equations, regression models and the use of spreadsheets, bar graphs, scatter plots, and much more, all while applying these to real-world financial situations including investing, banking, credit, income taxes, insurance, and financial budgeting.

    Pre-Calculus (Lab Classroom**):  This course covers polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions. Additionally, there is a large emphasis
    on extending the students’ knowledge in trigonometry. Other advanced algebraic topics covered are vectors, polar coordinates, and matrix algebra.

    English 9 (Lab Classroom**):  This course concentrates on grammar and usage, vocabulary development, sentence and paragraph writing, and research skills.

    English 10 (Lab Classroom**):  Students focus on the writing process from pre-writing to revision with an emphasis on writing essays for various purposes.

    English 11 (Lab Classroom**):  Students complete a survey of American literature, concentrating on the cultural and philosophical development of United States’ citizens.

    English 12 (Lab Classroom**):  Students complete a survey of world literature concentrating on the cultural, philosophical, and political developments evident in multicultural writing.

    Spanish 1:  Students are introduced to the Spanish language and the diversity of cultures within the Spanish speaking world.  This course is an introduction to basic Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  Emphasis is on speaking, listening and reading comprehension, and writing, with constant review and expansion.  The student will develop their speech through conversations and presentations of real-life scenarios.

    Spanish 2: A continuation of Spanish I, emphasizing more Spanish spoken in the classroom, more grammar explanations, and study of the culture of Spanish speaking countries. Classroom activities include oral presentations and projects. The four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are extended.

    Biology:  This course is the study of living organisms.  The topics covered include the diversity of life, ecology, evolution, cellular biology, and genetics.  Labs reinforce and expand on these topics as well as provide experience with inquiry learning.

    Chemistry:  This course covers topics including stoichiometry, the gas laws, kinetics, solutions, acid-base chemistry, and electrochemistry.

    Physical Education:  This course combines the concepts of team sports, individual/dual sports, aerobics, and weight training.

    U.S./Arizona Government (One Semester Class):  This course will examine fundamental principles and structure of American national and state governments. The organization, powers, and operation of legislative, executive and judicial functions of the government will be covered. This one semester class is typically paired with Economics.

    Economics (One Semester Class & Only Available During 1st Semester):  Students will gain an understanding of basic economic principles, including an introduction to economic theory, supply & demand, money systems, banking & investing, globalization and personal finance. This one semester class is typically paired with US/AZ Government.  

    World History: The World History course is designed to build a foundation for understanding the beginnings of human history across different cultures and civilizations in both Western and non‐Western societies. Emphasis will be placed on the interaction among world cultures, the linking of the past and present, and the importance of the relationship of geography and history.

    U.S./Arizona History: This course is designed to cover the development of the United States from the pre‐Columbian time period to present day. Arizona history will be integrated into both semesters to satisfy the Arizona State Standards. 

    Culinary Arts 1: This course prepares students to serve under the supervision of food service professionals as kitchen support staff . This course will  include instruction in an industrial kitchen setting, working knowledge of small and large equipment,  HACCP, resume writing , personal assessments , food quality control, quantity food preparation and cooking skills. This course places emphasis on high academic and workplace expectations. First Semester areas of study include: basic first aid, safety, sanitation, nutrition, tools and equipment and cooking methods. Students entering Culinary Arts need to be aware that for safety reasons there will be no cooking the first quarter. This class includes quizzes and writing assignments on a weekly basis. Culinary Arts also includes a comprehensive Mid-Term and Final Exam. Second semester focuses on Cooking methods, Egg cookery, Baking, Stocks and Sauces.  NOTICE:  There will be an additional $50 fee due to cost of cooking supplies

    **"Lab Classroom" is an environment where students are taking the course online but in the classroom (not at home) and facilitated by a Highly Qualified Teacher who provides one-one-one or small group instruction as needed.