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    Algebra Club

       I am excited to announce that we will have Algebra Clubs at Innovation Academy for 4th and 5th graders! There will be a beginning Algebra Club held Tuesday mornings at 8:30 starting September 3rd and an advanced group held on Thursday mornings at 8:30 starting September 5th..  

    The following officers will be needed for our two clubs. If a student would like to run for office, he/she should write a letter to the club stating why. President - Takes attendance - helps students who are struggling. Vice President - Takes attendance in the president’s absence and helps students who are struggling. Helps grade any tests. Secretary - Takes notes on what was learned in each meeting. Helps to grade tests. Treasurer - Helps collect monies and order books. Helps grade any tests.

    Please sign up for Algebra Club by returning the bottom portion of this letter to Mrs. Tilicki with $12.00 for books. (If cost is an issue, please let me know.) There will be no limit to the number of students accepted into Algebra Club. This is open to all students who love math - everyone can do this! Know that the room is crowded and behavior issues are not tolerated.

    Sincerely, Niki Tilicki Phone: 520-269-4651 Email (Preferred): ntilicki@amphi.com

    I give my child ______________________________ permission to participate in Algebra Club. Enclosed is $12.00 to cover the cost of 2 books. Checks should be written to Innovation Academy.

    Parent Name: ______________________________________________Email:_____________________


    Behavior issues will not be tolerated and those students will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return. Parent

    Signature ___________________________________Date ________________________



    Parent help is wanted and welcome! Please let me know if you can assist in any way!