• 2019 Biosphere trip! Canyon de Chelly Titan Missile Museum


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    The History Travel Club is proud to be able to bring history alive for our students by traveling to places we study! We enjoy taking our members to historical sites within the state of Arizona, Washington D.C. and anywhere else our members would like to experience history!  If you would like to become a History Travel Club member please come to one of our meetings every other Thursday during conference period in room A201.


    Next meeting will be on October 24th in Lab 2.


    • club photo for Yearbook
    • search and print information for hotels and itinerary in the Grand Canyon, Jerome, and Sedona.

    Please join us if you are interested!  Even if you have not come to a previous meeting we welcome anyone who enjoys history and traveling! :)



    The next meeting is Thursday, September 5th, in room A201 during conference.

     More information on upcoming meetings will be posted next week!  Have a great beginning to your school year!



    • introductions
    • trip ideas in the state of Arizona
    • trip ideas in the United States
    • tax credit making it affordable
    • guest speakers?