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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

  • Offcie Hours

    As of today, you need to contact me with questions and concerns during your scheduled time for class.

    Bell Schedule

    I am avaiable Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

    *I will be turning off my Remind at 4:00 p.m.

    *If you need something after 4:00 p.m., please email me (skati@amphi.com) and I will get back to you the following day. 


    Google Classroom:

    How to Sign-Up for Google Classroom:

    Joining the Google Classroom page will be mandatory. If you do NOT have internet access at home, please tell me immediately to avoid grade penalty.

    1. To Join Google Classroom:


    1. Go to Google

    2. Log-in

        Login: StudentID@student.amphi.com

        Password: First name (first letter must be capitalized)

    3. Click on the 9 squares (top right corner)

    4. Click "more" at the bottom

    5. Click on "Easy Bridge-Pearson"

    6. Click on your book



    Period 2

    To: 81010



    Period 3

    To: 81010





    We will be using turnitin.com frequently because most colleges and universities expect that papers will be submitted in a digital format.

    PLEASE make sure you sign up for the right class!

    Period 2: Class ID: 22551148   Class enrollment key: email me for the password

    Period 3: Class ID: 22551159   Class enrollment key: email me for the password


    On-going Assignments Due with Date:

    Outside Reading Project 2020 DUE: April 10 

    Nonfiction Assignment Sheet DUE: April 30

              ~For students who have missing work, every article you do will add some points to missing assignments.  

              ~For students who have done everything, every article you do- will be extra credit.  


    Week of May 10

    There are no new assignments. This is your last opportunity to turn in missing work for 4th quarter.  Please see Google Classroom/Tyler for missing assignments. 


    Week of May 4

    There are no new assignments. Please see Google Classroom for details.


    Week of April 27

    There are two assingments this week (in addition to listening to a song): 1) Journal and 2) write a sequel to a song.

    Journal 4: What song best represents you at this moment in time? Is the depth of meaning based on the instrumentation, lyrics or genre in general? What memories are associated with the song? Answers should be detailed and may include more than one particular song.

    Reading/Listening: This week, please listen to music of your choice. Reflect on the journal prompt and the meaning of songs as you listen. Write a sequel to your favorite song. For example, if my favorite song is One Man Band, by Old Dominion, what would naturally follow as a sequel? Perhaps it would be a song about love, and finally being with the person you were meant to be with; no longer being alone.

    Writing Prompt 4: Write the lyrics for your favorite song sequel. Have fun with this assignment, using dialect to indicate your voice and culture. (25-30 lines)


    Week of April 20:

    Journal 3: What makes people write poetry?


    1. Gee, You’re So Beautiful That It’s Starting to Rain by Richard Brautigan
    2. How to Listen by Major Jackson




    Expository Writing 3:

    After reading the poems, write a paragraph for each poem explaining the following:  What does the title imply about the poem? Identify similes (1 per poem) and explain their purpose (use textual evidence). What is the mood of the poem? -how does it make you feel? What is the message of the poem?


    Week of April 13:

    Journal 2: Does all communication serve a positive purpose? What makes communication positive or negative? How can you tell the difference? Explain using specific details (minimum of 6 lines).


    1. Loud Music by Stephen Dobyns
    2. Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas
    3. Ode to Dirt by Sharon Olds




    Expository Writing:

    After reading the poems, write a paragraph for each poem explaining the following:  What does the title imply about the poem? Identify symbolism and/or metaphors and explain their purpose (must use at least two lines as evidence). What is the mood of the poem? -how does it make you feel? What is the message of the poem?



     Week of April 6:

    There will be 2 assignments each week (in addition to the reading). They are 1) Journals and 2) 2-3 paragraph essay responses.

    Both assignments are due on Sunday of each week.

    PLEASE, go to Google Classroom to complete these assignments.

    Journal 1: Where do you see/hear poetry in your everyday life? How do the tone and rhythm of poetry affect mood? Can there be more than one interpretation of an author’s meaning? Answer using specific examples (minimum 6 lines).


    1. Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins
    2. Tatto by Ted Kooser
    3. Wheels by Jim Daniels

    Expository Writing:

    After reading the poems, write a paragraph for each poem explaining the following:  What does the title imply about the poem? What is the role of the author and the reader? What is the imagery in the poem? What is the mood of the poem? -how does it make you feel? Who is the speaker of the poem? What is the message of the poem?





    Week of March 30: Google Classroom

    1. Sign-up for Google Classroom.

    2. Read my message to you.

    3. Respond to the question that I have posted on Google Classroom, you have to the end of Monday (March 30) to do this. *I need to see if I can get a 100% of you on here. 


    Week of March 23:

    Note to students- I miss you! This is not going to be as much fun as our normal class, but I will try to give you some humor along the way. I hope you all are doing well.  Please text me (on Remind) if you need anything or just want to check in.  We can do this!!!


    We are going to ease back into school, doing some activities at your leisure.    

    1. Find a piece of paper or type a journal entry.

     Journal 1: Times are hard- this is not something that we are used to.  How are you handling all of this? Do you have routines? Do you watch Netflix all day? What's your screen time like     on your phone right now? Did your eyes turn red like mine the other day? That was scary, TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME! Do you talk with your friends? FaceTime? Social distancing is hard! I   walk around my yard and just miss interacting with people outside of my immediate family!

    *Please, keep in mind that although you are not turning this into me right now, I MAY request it at a later date. So just do it and keep it in a file for now.

    2. Find an article to read. What kind of article? Something that is interesting to you. Staying informed is key. Speak with a parent, guardian, or distant relative about the article.  Tell them about the article and have a conversation that is not through a text message (you don't want your eyes to turn red like mine did). 

    *This only requires you to read and speak.  Nothing to turn in.  

    3. Go outside and read your outside reading book.  Work on the assignment. There is a link to the assignment at the top of this page.

     * This is due April 10.  Turnitin is now open.

    That's it for now! Stay safe!