• Policies

    The classroom policies listed below represent some of the important guidelines that students will need to be aware of and follow to have a successful & productive school year. Exceptions to some of these policies will be made in cases of medical, family, or other emergencies.  (Note = Only bullets #1-3 apply during Hybrid Learning/plenty of flexibility will be present during these unique times).


    • During Hybrid Learning, students may turn in work up to one week late beyond its original due date without penalty and the lowest score they can receive is a 50% minimum.
    • Students can re-submit assignments for a better grade as well.
    • Extra-credit will be periodically offered by the teacher to everyone in a variety of ways...not given to a student upon request.
    • Each student has four opportunities per quarter to improve a low grade or replace a zero for either partial or full credit (tests & quizzes are exempt from this rule)/this must be done with me during lunch
    • Tests/quizzes not made-up in a timely manner will be penalized further


    Make-Up Work

    Many students might be absent throughout the school year. It is ultimately their responsibility to get their make-up work for the day(s) they were absent on a "school-day" during Hybrid Learning. Students can get their make-up work on-line off of my website by clicking on the Homework link.