• Grades

    Grades in this class are based upon a point-scale system. All items will be assigned an individual point value & these values will vary per item. Students will earn points per item depending upon the criteria for that individual item. During Hybrid Learning, the minimum grade a student can earn is a 50%. Extra-credit will also be periodically offered each quarter to help compensate for any points lost by a student.  Grades are posted on-line...just click on the Parent Portal link off of the school webpage and use your username & password to access their grades in TYLER. Items labeled as "MISS" or "MI" means they failed to turn it in (during Hybrid Learning, students can still turn it in late within a week beyond its original due date) & assignments labeled as "E" means they were excused from that assignment for some reason. You may e-mail (jobregon@amphi.com) or call me (696-5871) with any questions or concerns you may have.