• Curriculum 

    The following represents a brief outline of the various topics we will be covering this year in both 7th & 8th Grade.

    7th Grade

    • Parts of a Map & U.S./World Geography
    • The Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment
    • Revolutions of the World
    • Various types of government and economic systems
    • Industrialization & Imperialism
    • Great & Global Depressions
    • World War I & WW II
    • Cold War
    • Korean War
    • Vietnam War
    • Conflict in the Middle East
    • Modern day issues, conflicts, & circumstances

    8th Grade

    • Foundations, elements, and institutions of the American government
    • Landmark Supreme Court Cases
    • Civil Rights Movement
    • Immigration
    • Social Movements & Issues
    • Human Rights
    • Environmental Issues
    • Information & Media Age
    • Global Terrorism



    The following list helps give you the academic structure of the class and what students will be expected to complete & produce throughout the school year for both classes. Some items will be utilized more often than others depending upon the units of study being covered per quarter.


    • Vocabulary
    • Reading comprehension
    • Notes (written & verbal)
    • Maps
    • Visuals (timelines, flow charts, graphic organizers, etc.)
    • Graphs & charts
    • Videos & DVDs
    • Movies
    • Primary & secondary resources
    • Group projects, presentations, & discussions
    • Computer lab (utilizing software programs & Internet activities/research)
    • Tests/quizzes



    Newer textbooks (for both grade levels) were recently adopted and purchased, beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. These comprehensive textbooks are entitled Discovering Our Past/A History of the U.S. (McGraw Hill/7th Grade) and Civics (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/8th Grade). Since the textbook will be available on-line, each student will not be assigned a textbook to take home and keep at home (some exceptions can be made in certain individual circumstances).  We currently have enough for a "class set" to be maintained here at school.  Students can access the textbooks through their student Google account.