•  Google Classroom

    Since the school closure, I've set up a Google Classroom to try to keep you guys updated.  Please join the class by using the class code: 

    no3mtnq.  Make sure you are logged into your @student.amphi.com account in order to join Google Classroom. 



    In addition to completing the paper packets being sent home/ found on the school webpage, please work on ALEKS daily for 40 minutes.  


    Getting to ALEKS from home:

    If you have Google Chrome on your device:

    1) Open Google Chrome


    2) Sign in to your student.amphi.com account in settings (look for the three dotes on top right hand corner of your computer screen; click on that and scroll down to Settings)

    3) Link Data when the box pops up to get your AMS bookmarks

    4) Click AMS; then Google Apps, then McGraw-Hill

    5) OR use the Waffle (the nine little boxes on the top right hand part of your computer screen) to access McGraw-Hill


    If you are using another browser:


    1) Use the broswer to go to google.com


    Then follow the same directions.