• Course 3 Syllabus 2016-2017

    Course Overview

    The topics covered in Course 3:

    • Ch. 2 Linear Functions                                                                                                           
    • Ch. 1 Linear Equations
    • Ch. 3 Slope: Unit Rate of Change
    • Ch. 4 Multiple Representations of Linear Functions
    • Ch. 5 The Real Number System
    • Ch. 6 Pythagorean Theorem
    • Ch. 7 Preservation of Size and Shape
    • Ch. 8 Congruence of Triangles
    • Ch. 9 Similarity and Dilations
    • Ch. 10 Lines and Angle Relationships
    • Ch. 11   Systems of Linear Equations and Functions
    • Ch. 12 Solving Linear Systems Algebraically
    • Ch. 13 Properties of Exponents
    • Ch. 14 Volume and 3D Figures

    How to be Successful in Ms. J’s Course 3


    • Attend class every day!!
    • Manage your time so you will be able to work on your math course daily.
    • Keep your binder organized containing all notes, examples, & practice for your reference.
    • Take notes and ask questions during class.
    • Keep your work organized so each step can be followed and errors can be more easily identified.
    • Review all practice exercises and notes on a consistent basis.
    • Study for all tests and quizzes!
    • Get help using your resources

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    Rules for Quiz/Test Corrections

      1. All quiz and test corrections must include a separate piece of paper that is attached to the original quiz or test.
      2. Rewrite the entire problem that you missed, answer it by showing all work and proving to me that you know what you did wrong (do not make corrections on the original test).
      3. Provide a justification explaining that you understand what you did wrong.
      4. When you have completed your quiz/test corrections, you will be given an opportunity to retake the quiz or test for a better grade.
      5. You must come into class before school or afterschool to retake your test. Ms. J will not ask you to retake, it is YOUR responsibility.
      6. From the date your quiz/test was returned to you, you have 2 school days to turn in your corrections and retake the test. If you’re given the quiz/test back on Friday, you have until Tuesday for the retake.
      7. The original test must be signed by a guardian when turning in the corrections.

    ***Prove to me that you deserve another chance because you learned from your mistakes.


    Course work

    All homework should be completed by the student, and student alone. Collaboration in class is expected, but each student must complete their own work.

    All homework assigned is due at the beginning of the following class hour unless otherwise indicated. Students are expected to show their work as well as the final answer on every problem.  Late homework assignments will be accepted until the end of the day it was due for 50% of the original credit.  Any late homework that is turned in after 1 class day late will not be accepted for credit. Homework will be graded based upon effort (showing work) and occasionally for percentage of correct answers.

    Students will be allowed to retake tests if test corrections are successfully completed (See Rules and Procedures for details). The retake must be initiated by the student within 2 school days of receiving the original graded test and the retake must take place outside of normal class time unless the teacher has provided class time for the retake.

    Cheating is not tolerated in this course. Any cheating will result in a conference with the student, a call home, an office referral, and/or no credit on the assignment.  During study and practice time students are allowed and encouraged to discuss questions and mathematical concepts with other students, teachers, tutors, and any other adults.   During assessments students should never communicate with other students or adults in any way.  Students are to remove hats and hoods when entering the classroom.  All other behavioral and course work expectations will align with the student code of conduct and student handbook

    Grading Policy

    Your grade will be calculated using the following categories.  

    • Tests (40%)
    • Quizzes (30%)
    • Homework/Mathia X (15%)
    • Bellwork, classwork, and effort in class (15%)

    Behavioral Expectations

    Students are not to use their own electronic devices (cell phones, computers, music devices, tablets, etc.) during class time. Any breach of this rule will result in the following process:

    • First breach: Mrs. Johnson will take the device until the end of class
    • Second breach: Mrs. Johnson will take the device until the end of the day
    • Third breach: Mrs. Johnson will take the device and only a parent or guardian can pick up the device.

    Food and Beverage

    Closable water bottles are allowed. Students are expected to handle personal needs between classes; emergency situations will be handled at an appropriate time during class.  Abuse of a hall pass will result in the loss of that privilege.

    Attendance Policy

    Work missed due to any absence, excused or unexcused, must be made up to promote a student’s understanding of the future material.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact Mrs. Johnson (email or in person) about an absence outside of class time to receive make up work.  For each day a student is excused absent he/she will have 2 days to make up and turn in the missing work (this includes time to pick up missing work from Mrs. Johnson). Any further attendance concerns will be addressed as stated in the Student Handbook.

    Daily Required Materials

    • Pencil & Colored Pen (not black)
    • 1 ½ inch binder designated for Course 3 work only with dividers
    • Lined and graph paper
    • College Ruled Composition Notebook

    ***Donations of Kleenex, expo markers, pencils, anti-bacterial wipes, notecards, post-its, paper towels, and staples would be GREATLY appreciated.


    Mrs. Johnson’s Biography

    Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology in Cognition and Instruction, Grand Canyon University, in progress

    Masters in Elementary Education with Certification, Northern Arizona University, 2012

    Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, University of Arizona, 2009


    Contact Information

    • Phone: (520) 696-5955