• Course Description

    Welcome to REACH-Humanities class!  REACH is the Amphitheater School District Gifted and Talented program; it serves the needs of students identified as gifted learners in verbal (reading and language), quantitative (mathematics), or non-verbal areas (visual-spatial, logic, puzzles).

     All REACH students attend Humanities class as their Social Studies class. At La Cima, Humanities class is considered an advanced course of study and is therefore open as an option to AVID students as well.  The Humanities classes cover the Arizona state social studies standards and history is explored through the lens of literature, art, and music. The 6th grade curriculum is concerned with world history from the beginning of civilization through the Age of Enlightenment. The seventh grade curriculum deals with American History from the founding of the country through the verge of WW1 (1914). The eighth grade curriculum starts where the 7th grade leaves off with WW1  and continues through the present day. Each grade also includes a focus on civics and government with a more in depth exploration during the 7th and 8th grade year. All Humanities courses are writing intensive and project based with a focus on exploration and critical thinking. 


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