• Course Syllabus

    Construction 1

    Canyon Del Oro High School

    Fall 2020

    Instructor: Josh Ronstadt


    Core Curriculum

    Course Description:

    This course is an introduction to Construction Technology.

    Students will follow state standards in construction and test on their competencies upon completion of the course. Students will also have the opportunity to complete certifications in NCCER Core Construction and OSHA 10.

    They will also learn and demonstrate skills in electrical, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, and be introduced to welding and finish carpentry.

    Course Topics

    1. CTE Programs and Standards
    2. CTSO’s
    3. Measuring
    4. Masonry
    5. Residential and Commercial Plumbing
    6. Rough and Finish carpentry
    7. Residential and Commercial Electrical
    8. OSHA 10
    9. NCCER Certification

    Basic Safety (Construction Site Safety Orientation)

    • Introduction to Construction Math
    • Introduction to Hand Tools
    • Introduction to Power Tools
    • Introduction to Construction Drawings
    • Introduction to Basic Rigging
    • Basic Communication Skills
    • Basic Employability Skills
    • Introduction to Material Handling

    Course Learning Objectives:

    The students in this course will be able to:

    1. Have the opportunity to participate in work-based learning projects including building picnic table, playhouse and sheds to sell to the community.
    2. Participate in SkillUSA Events  ( our Career and Technical Student Organization) to learn leadership skills and join competitions.
    1. Students will attend multiple field trips including career opportunities in construction, visit construction sites in progress and visit businesses in the construction trades currently hiring.
    2. Develop their soft skills to prepare them for today’s workforce.


    Materials Needed For Class:

    Pencil, composition notebook

    Please note, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own (non tinted) safety glasses if they prefer.

    The following expectations are in addition to the student handbook and are for your reference.

    It has two purposes.

    First, to inform you of my classroom policies and procedures.

    Second, to let you know what is expected of you in order to allow all students to have a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

    General Class Expectations

    1. Pay attention to the lessons and instructions.
    2. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings or you are considered tardy.
    3. Come prepared to class; always have a pencil and your notebook.
    4. Sunglasses will not be worn in the room.
    5. The bell does not dismiss the class.

    I will when the room is clean, equipment is put away and you are sitting quietly in your seat.

    1. All communication will be polite, pure, and appropriate.
    2. Always address the person you are talking by saying their name first.
    3. Have an enter/exit greeting.
    4. Treat all visitors special, giving them first priority.
    5. Take care of tools and equipment and return them to their proper place.
    6. Follow proper Fire drill/NCOC procedures.
    7. Substitutes will be treated with the utmost respect.
    8. Follow safety rules in the use and care of machinery and tools.
    9. Take an active part in classroom cleanup.
    10. Be accountable for your performance and location at all times.
    11. Turn in assignments and projects on time.
    12. Keep assignments, projects, and portfolio materials organized and available.


    Grading scale

    90-100 -A

    80-89 -B

    70-79 -C

    60-69 -D

    0 –59-F

    Since it is difficult to expect projects to be completed at home, daily attendance and participation is important. Your daily class performance will count 60% of your grade.

    Student’s daily performance is awarded on a 10-point scale as follows:

    4points -being on time

    6points-participating entire class time and following classroom expectations

    Grading % breakdown

    Daily Performance


    Employability Skills






    Late work will follow the policy in student handbook