• Starlight, Starbright, we have so many wishes in our classroom tonight! 

    Below is a list of many needs we have in our classroom. If you are able to donate, this would be a wonderful help! 


    *Business size envelopes

    *Postage stamps 

    *Large 8x11 or larger envelopes

    *Index cards - white 3x5 (We go through over 200 cards per week!)

    *Index cards - colored 3x5 

    *Ticonderoga pencils

    *White hi-polymer erasers

    *Dry erase markers


    *Large paper plates

    *Wiki Sticks

    *Alka-Seltzer tablets - for a science project

    *Thank you notes or stationary

    *Post it notes - any size


    *Candy Motivators

    *1 inch binder rings