• Welcome to Mrs. Sieminski's 3rd Grade Classroom

     Weekly Special Classes 






    8:30 – 9:20



    8:30 – 9:20



    9:30 – 10:20



    9:30 – 10:20


    Our Classroom Rules

    1. Show respect for everyone's learning, feelings, and property.

    2. Let the teacher teach; let the learner learn.

    3. Use time wisely.

    4. Have all necessary materials ready. 


    Our Classroom Procedures

    Morning Routine:

    Monday, Thursday, and Friday:  Students put their backpacks on their hook under the classroom patio and wait for Mrs. Sieminski on the patio or by fence.  Lunches are placed in the lunch bucket and snack in the snack bucket.  Water bottles are placed at their desks.  After students enter the classroom, they should read the morning directions on the smart board and follow the directions while they wait for announcements.

    Tuesday and Wednesday:    Students will meet Mrs. Sieminski by the playground gate to walk to specials  (Art on Tuesday and Music on Wednesday).  

    Bathroom Breaks:  Students are expected to use the restroom during the three recesses/breaks (approximately 10:30 am, lunch, and 1:45 pm).  Otherwise, students may use the restroom as needed except during instruction time or a test by putting the pass on their desk to indicate they are out of the classroom. 


    • Reading/Language Arts - Students will typically have a "Times for Kids" with reading and comprehension type questions that goes home on Mondays.  They will also have weekly spelling words to practice at home. 
    • Math - Students will usually have math homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday that provides additional practice on the concept taught in class that day.
    • Students should spend additional time on the computer programs RAZ-Kids and Reflex Math to enhance their skills.
    • There will not be homework over the weekends.



    The first choice for discipline is positive reinforcement.

    Our classroom uses individual, table groups, and class rewards/consequences to encourage proper behavior.

    • Individual:
      • Warm fuzzies for good behavior. 10=coupon or store 
      • No Fun Friday (missing homework, behavior, incomplete assignments, etc.)
      • Think sheet
      • Planning Room for severe behavior concerns.
    • Group/Team Points:  Table groups are awarded points for on task and positive behaviors.  The points are added up and used to award Fun Friday and/or first choice in activities/snacks.  Note: If a table group does not make the required number of points for the week, they must pick up trash on the playground before participating in Fun Friday.
    • Whole Class Rewards:  The class receives "glitter" for good behavior in our class as well as in their Specials. Whole class reward for reaching to the top of the jar will be determined based on a class vote and teacher approval.