• Ironwood Ridge High School

    Ms. Jessica Aros

    English Language Arts – A159


    Contact Information:

    Address: 2475 W. Naranja Drive  Tucson, AZ 85742

    Email Address: jaros@amphi.com 

    Phone: 520-407-4172



    Hello! My name is Jessica Aros and I am a Special Education Resource English Teacher at Ironwood Ridge High School. I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Phoenix and am Highly Qualified to teach English at the High School Level. I also hold an Arizona Elementary Education teaching certificate, an Arizona Secondary Education teaching certificate, and an Arizona K-12 Special Education Teaching Certificate.

    Course Description:

    The focus of this course is to increase literacy skills through: reading a variety of texts, completing worksheets, homework, taking notes, and hands on learning experiences. Writing skills will focus on: sentence fluency, paragraph skills, and essay development. Essay requirements will include: narrative, persuasive, and expository assignments. The Reading Curriculum will utilize both the general education textbook and related novels. Vocabulary is a continued focus. There will be quizzes covering vocabulary over the content presented in class. Oral presentations and projects will be integrated into the curriculum. Independent reading is expected at home and in the classroom. Homework is assigned and graded on a bi-weekly basis. The text utilized in this course is the Prentice Hall Literature text. Additional supplemental materials may also be utilized at the teacher’s discretion.  

    Grading Policy:

    Daily Assignments and Classroom Participation Rubric: Each student will have a Class Folder. This folder will hold their assignments and participation rubrics for each week. Each day, students will grade themselves on their class participation. This grade will then be verified and recorded weekly by the teacher. Daily Assignments and Classroom Participation are worth 50% of each quarter’s grade.


    Homework Assignments: Homework assignments are given to the students on Monday and are due at the beginning of the class each Friday. Completing homework assignments will help students to better retain material presented in class and to prepare for weekly quizzes.


    Quizzes/Exams: There will be weekly quizzes throughout each quarter covering topics that were learned. There will be a midterm and a final exam given each semester covering concepts learned during that semester.


    Classroom Projects/Presentations: Each quarter the students will be expected to complete a project/presentation as assigned by the teacher. Time will be scheduled in the computer lab to facilitate typing of the project; whatever is not completed during this allotted time will be homework.


    Grade Scale                                                                                           Grade Breakdown

    90-100 = A                                                                                            Classwork/Participation                     50%

    80-89 = B                                                                                               Homework                                      20%

    70-79 = C                                                                                               Quizzes/Tests                                 20%

    60-69 = D                                                                                              Midterm/Final Exam                         10%

    0-59 = F



    Cheating will not be tolerated in my classroom. Any student that is caught cheating will receive an automatic zero. I consider cheating to be copying another student’s work or allowing another student to copy his or her work. This policy applies to tests, projects, and all assignments. There will be experiences in class when I allow group work; this is the only time students would share work as a group project assignment.


    Tardy Policy:

    Students are expected to be in their seat, prepared for class, and working on the daily bell work when the bell rings. If the student is not in their seat at the time of the bell he or she is tardy. Every tardy is recorded on the school attendance records. Referrals will be written for excessive tardies.


    Attendance Policy:

    Attendance is a major factor in school success. Class work is 50% of the overall grade of this class. The IRHS school attendance policy is followed in my class. Excessive absences, excused or unexcused will require a meeting with the student, parent/guardian, teacher, and Special Education case manager. Loss of semester credit for excessive absences will be considered on an individual basis through the IRHS administration.


    Late Work:

    Students have 5 days to turn in missing work or the grade becomes a permanent zero. Student grade reports are online and are updated on a bi-weekly basis.


    Make-up Work:

    I will give credit for any work missed when a student is absent. It is the responsibility of the student to check with me for the missed assignments. The student has five days after returning to school to hand in all make-up work. A zero will be given after this 5 day limit. Students should come for help completing any assigned work during conference periods on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is also the best time to make up all quizzes that have been missed.


    Conference Period:

    Conference Period is every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. This time is designed to allow all students to come for help in any subject. During this time a student may come to my classroom to: make up quizzes, complete assignments, and also to receive extra help. Students who have missing work or poor grades will be required to come in during conference period.


    Online Grades:

    Please use the IRHS homepage to sign in to view grades and assignments for this class through the Parent Portal https://sisportal.amphi10.org/tsi_live/login.aspx. All grade reports are updated online bi-weekly. Grade print-outs are also periodically given to students in class. Feel free to email (jaros@amphi.com) or call (407-4172) with any concerns or questions.



    IRHS student handbook rules are followed in this class.

    • No food including gum or drink (except water) is allowed in the classroom.
    • All school dress codes will be enforced.
    • Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom. Please keep your cell phone OFF and in your backpack at all times.


    Suggested Student Materials:

    • Loose leaf paper
    • Pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Agenda


    Tips for being successful:

    • Come to class prepared.
    • Participate in class.
    • Finish and turn in all assignments on time.
    • Ask questions and come to conference for additional help.


    Appointments are available upon request.