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    Missing songs from grammar? Listen to them here!grammar jams



    We are wrapping up Chapter 4 of side by side




    Conversation & Vocabulary  


    1.What are the important parts of the brain?brain

    2.Does the size of your brain matter?

    3.What can we do to keep our brain healthy?

    4.How does our brain learn?

    5.Does our attitude affect our learning?

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    Currently we are studying different types of Reading Strategies!




     Don't forget to:

    • Fill out an emoji response for each chapter you read.
      • If you do not have a copy of the emoji response, use the chart below to write your own version. Include the title of the chapter, and your reason for the response. 
      • Remeber your response should not be simple comments like, "I liked it," "it was boring," or " I don't get it". Explain why you feel this way! Use evidence where you can!
    • Use your post-its to mark interesting and/or important events, characters or information.
    • Use your post-its to  make a prediction at the end of the chapters!  

     emoji response   


    star HOMEWORK!  

      Independant Reading Notes ssrnotes

    • Everyday Ms. Laughter sets aside 10-15 minutes of Reading class for students to read an  book of their choosing. Students are required to take notes while reading. 
    • These notes will be used to help students complete one book project per semester!
    • On Fridays one page of A.R notes must be turned in. YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO CREATE ONE PAGE OF NOTES... there are NO EXCUSES for missing Reading notes.



    Writing Homework 



    We are reviewing the PERSUASIVE paragraph structure and the writing process!






    Just in case you forgot what your paragraphs should look like...



    ~*~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ *~ 


    If you finish, remeber to C.U.P.S & A.R.M.S ...there should be at least 5 sentences that I can tell you revised. 

    cups revise







    Remember in order to grow and become better writers, you have to take a chance!



    Missing journals?

    Each day Ms. Laughter sets aside 7 minutes for students to complete a 6 line journal... there are no excuses for unfinished journals!