• English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) in Elementary Schools

    All of our elementary teachers are highly qualified to teach reading and writing. Our teachers use Pearson/Scott Foresman Reading Street as core materials for instructional purposes. Teachers use their professional judgement to add novel studies, trade books, and other reading materials which expand student access to both fiction and non-fiction content.

    Many of our teachers use a guided reading approach, and teach students how to select books that are within their independent and/or instructional levels as appropriate.

    All students have regular access to their grade level material regardless of their instructional level. Instructional time in English Language Arts (reading and writing) is between 90-120 minutes per day.

    Instruction at the K-3 level is designed to ensure that all students are reading by the end of third grade. The “Move on When Reading” law is in effect in the State of Arizona which requires districts to retain children who do not meet State requirements in reading by the end of third grade. For more information on this law visit http://www.azed.gov/mowr/families/.