• English 9 (pre-AP/IB)

    English 9 introduces ninth grade students to secondary language arts; it's the first of a four year sequence that students will be required to complete successfully to earn credit for high school graduation. In this course students will continue to explore and grow their cognitive and affective schemata as they relate particularly to thinking about, reading of, and writing in service of fiction and non-fiction prose, poetry, and drama.

    Activities and materials in this course will help students:

    • Reinforce existing reading skills,
    • Develop and add new strategies for comprehending literary and informational texts,
    • Reinforce existing writing skills, and
    • Develop and add new strategies for applying writing components to writing modes.

    To such ends, over the course of the year students will:

    • Learn and practice a variety of thinking skills,
    • Read and analyze a variety of texts,
    • Prepare and write a variety of compositions.

    Follow the link below to class updates, assignments, materials, and calendar hosted at Schoology, the learning management system I use to communicate with students and parents.

    English 9 (pre-AP/IB)

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