• Opportunities of Involvement

    Head Coach:

    • Meet with students to guide them in the solution of their OotM problem (See “Coaching Do’s and Don’t’s”). Meetings should be at YOUR convenience though the students’ schedules should be considered. 
    • Attend the statewide required coaches’ meeting. 
    • Attend meetings called by sponsoring teacher. 
    • Provide an inexperienced person to represent your team as a Judge on the day of the tournament. This person will also be required to attend a training session and will NOT be able to watch your team perform because he or she will be judging another problem.
    • It is very appropriate for this job to be shared by two people.

    Provide Meeting Place:

    • Provide basement, garage, patio, sun porch, etc. where the team members can work to solve their OotM problem. 
    • You do not have to be present as long as another adult is. 
    • Realize that the work area will get messy, but it is the TEAM’S RESPONSIBILITY to clean up after each meeting and leave the area as they found it after their problem is solved.

    Spontaneous Coach: 

    • Set up regular times for spontaneous practice.
    • Provide a variety of verbal, hands-on, and verbal problems (sponsoring teacher will provide MANY examples).
    • It is very appropriate for this job to be shared by two people.

    Team Shopper: 

    • Given a specific list, shop for the team’s needed items.
    • Gather miscellaneous items needed for the problem solution.
    • Keep receipts for any money spent. You will be reimbursed by the end of the school year.
    • Label all receipts with name of shopper and items bought.

    Transportation of Props and Scenery: 

    • Have access to a truck or van
    • Pick up items from school or homes and transport them to the tournament site.
    • Load props and scenery after the team’s performance or help dispose of items as tournament site.
    • Deliver them to appropriate storage area.

    Snack Provider:

    • Kids love to eat before beginning their meetings
    • Provide snacks for meeting OR...
    • Create schedule for participants’ to supply snacks OR...
    • Collect money for snacks, purchase them and deliver them to team meetings OR...
    • Collect snacks from parents and deliver them to meeting place.